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On The Table Read, “The Best Book Reader Magazine in the UK“, author of Wild At Heart, Stacy Gold, shares her top eleven favourite things about being a romance author.

Stacy Gold, Wild At Heart author, The Table Read
Stacy Gold

Written by Stacy Gold

  1. Hanging out in my own head with people of my own invention
  2. Spending all day writing about three of my favorite things: outdoor sports, people falling in love, and hot sex
  3. Getting to write what I want to write, as opposed to working as a copywriter writing about other people’s businesses and products all day
  4. Writing about love and sex and relationships makes me happy, and makes me appreciate my husband and marriage that much more
  5. Having the chance to make someone else think differently about relationships and how they see themselves
  6. My husband loves that I write about romance and sex all day, and has dedicated himself to being my muse (such a good man).
  7. Writing the first draft and experiencing the story as it comes to life
  8. Editing each story down until it is a work of art I can be proud of
  9. I have the best critique partners ever—people I can rely on to be honest and help me make each story the best it can be, and that I can do the same for in return. Celebrating when one of them lands a book deal is just as exciting as it is when I land a book deal!
  10. The community of romance writers I’ve found is so warm and smart and fun and amazing and supportive.
  11. I’ve been with my hubby almost 19 years, and I still love revisiting those electric feelings from when we first met.

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