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The international singer-songwriter HERVÉ COEUR (HERVÉ)’s masterful interpretation of popular song “L’Encre De Tes Yeux” (“The Ink of Your Eyes”) by French icon Francis Cabrel has taken flight, figuratively, through his captivating musical short film. 

Hervé Coeur, The Ink In Your Eyes, on The Table Read

The Ink Of Your Eyes

The film has received a tremendous number of accolades from film festivals around the world – the most ever for the song. 

It was a winner in the Paris Play Film Festival, the Indo French International Film Festival and the Lacorne Film Festival; a nominee for London Shorts; a semi-finalist in the Indie Short Fest and the AltFF Alternative Film Festival; and the Official Selection for the Northeast Film Festival, the Paris Lift-Off Film Festival and the SIFF-Switzerland International Film Festival.

Pedro Oberto

First released in 1980, “L’Encre De Tes Yeux” has rarely been produced as an illustrative story in a music video.  To put his vision together, Hervé Coeur enlisted the help of Pedro Oberto, a young, talented Venezuelan director he met in his home city of New York.

He enlisted further help from Lindsey Donnell and Derek Brockington, two star dancers from the prominent ballet company Dance Theatre of Harlem.

Hervé Coeur, The Ink In Your Eyes, on The Table Read

Hervé Coeur

In his representation Hervé Coeur decided to express this classic French chanson against the backdrop of New York City. The song, which recounts the story of a great love that cannot be, takes a contrasting turn in the music video as it trains its lens primarily on the happiness that ensues between the two lovers.

Through the astute suggestion of a friend, Hervé Coeur was able to discover and find inspiration in the work of the beloved French director Francois Truffaut in his masterpiece “Jules et Jim.” The film parallels the narrative of “L’Encre De Tes Yeux” of an impossible love immortalized by a happy scene from a bridge. 

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Brooklyn Bridge

In Hervé Coeur’s setting, the viewers find themselves on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in the midst of a pandemic.  We are softly transported among clouds and sunlight, black and white and color, stillness and movement. We also find echoes of another French classic “Un Homme et Une Femme” by filmmaker Claude Lelouch.

“I am honored that my work has achieved such international acclaim and resonates with diverse audiences,” said Hervé Coeur.  “L’Encre De Tes Yeux,” where the video features choreography by the singer-songwriter with the help of the dancers, marks his second French release after his self-penned hit POURQUOI.

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