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On The Table Read, the “Best Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, artist Victoria G writes about being inspired by the entertainment industry and the creative work that goes into her art.

Victoria G, Telecinephile, Artist, on The Table Read
Victoria G

Written by Victoria G

Inspired By The Entertainment Industry

When it comes to what inspires me as an artist, it all really stems from my love of the entertainment industry. Forms of entertainment media such as: watching shows, watching movies and listening to music are the things that keep me constantly thinking and creating. My devotion to this industry started at a young age being a “TV kid”.

Art by Victoria G, Telecinephile, Artist, on The Table Read
Art by Victoria G

Truth be told, I do not think I would be the same young woman I am today if it was not for the shows and movies I grew up watching and the songs I grew up listening to. It was this passion that made it very clear that I wanted to go to college to learn more about how to get into the world of entertainment.

My Creative Process

Since I was a child, my creative process has always been the same. This process is, watch as many shows and movies as I can and try to analyze what I see to in turn create my own original work. I always start everything using traditional mediums, from pencil to paper.

Once I am happy with the overall look of something I have created, I then transfer said piece to the computer. Creating art in a digital space allows me to not worry so much about messing up while still being creative.

Learning My Craft

I have learned so much since I started college in 2016 and my hunger for more knowledge just keeps growing. I came into college with this goal in mind of wanting to work for a studio that I have always admired. Some of these include: Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, A24, Paramount, Universal, and StudioCanal.

While I was celebrating my 4th year of college and stressing out over a global pandemic, I did come up with a plan while I wait to be noticed by a studio. I thought, why not start my own company? In doing this, it will allow me to take all the skills I am good at and create artistic elements people need for their own brand or business.

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The idea to start my own company really came into fruition when I had an assignment for a logo design class. I had to think of a company and design the logo for it. I knew this would be a great chance to explore concepts for my artistic service and production company.

As I mentioned before, I have always had a deep love for TV and film. What if I paid homage to both within my company’s name? I was aware that a person who is obsessed with television is referred to as a “Telephile” and a person who is obsessed with cinema is a “Cinephile”, and thus TeleCinephile Arts & Entertainment was born.

For the logo design, I wanted it to be both fun and literal. There is a film reel to represent cinema and bunny ears to represent the old fashioned televisions. I chose the color black because it is classic and the color yellow because it represents optimism.

My Work

I have had really great experiences doing freelance work for independent companies that are in need of my artistic services. Regarding the production side of my company, I have produced numerous episodes of my old webseries, Couzins’ Korner. In this webseries, my cousin and I released 100 videos of us doing many different things. Video concepts ranged from reviewing toys to making cocktails.

After we stopped uploading videos, I decided to explore the production side of TeleCinephile Arts & Entertainment once more by single-handedly making my first short film. Noise was a concept I came up with for my final project when obtaining my Associate’s degree.

Art by Victoria G, Telecinephile, Artist, on The Table Read
Art by Victoria G

Even though it was a school assignment, I wanted to give my all in having this short look as professional as I possibly could. Once completed, I immediately submitted it to countless film festivals. As of today, my short has already received over 40 selections and awards.

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Interviewing Celebrities

It is my love for art and this industry that inspired me to take on a new endeavor shortly after I started college. In 2016, I decided to become a celebrity interviewer. It started off small with me reaching out to various artists I am a fan of through Facebook Messenger and then as time went on, it grew into something much bigger.

I really enjoy giving individuals of all creative fields the opportunity to share their stories with not only myself, but with my readers as well. I do my best to publish at least 15 interviews a month. I am now extremely close to having conducted 500 interviews.

Achieving Success

My work in interviewing has surprisingly led me to earning opportunities that I sort of fell into. Last year, I reached out to Netflix to potentially get on the press tour for their film, There’s Someone Inside Your House. While I may not have been selected to be a part of that junket, I did however get offered another opportunity. It turned out the company handling the press for that film was also working on obtaining interviewers for an upcoming film festival. I have loved watching film festival live streams since I was a teenager, so of course I agreed.

I was a member of the press for the HollyShorts Film Festival, and shortly after I had the same opportunity for both the San Diego International Film Festival and the Raindance Film Festival. As of recent, I also gained another opportunity that I did not think was possible.

I reached out to Sub Pop Records regarding the potential chance to interview one of their artists, Suki Waterhouse. Instead, I got the chance to listen to her debut album 2 months early and write a review of it. As a music lover, musician and fan of Suki, I of course could not pass this up. While my career in this industry has not been for too long, I do feel I have accomplished many things I never would have dreamed were even possible.

I am still in college on the path to obtaining my Bachelor’s degree and hoping to earn that within 2 years. I am optimistic that as long as I keep pushing and following my dreams that it will lead me on a path to continued success. The future looks bright and I am never stopping!

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I am @HelloVictoriaG on all social media platforms. My company is @TeleCinephile on all social media platforms.

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