Art Value NFT Drop

Jan 15, 2022

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On January 15 limited number of NFTs will go live on Register for our pre-sale whitelist here to be first in line to get access to 100 USD value tokens, for upcoming events and NFT giveaways. 

You can read more about the launch here and about registration / whitelist.

If you need help to install crypto wallet and participate, check How to buy Art Value NFTs

The Future of Art

Art Value

Art Value is an online platform and innovative marketplace where Art and Numbers are created, distributed, and traded. The project combines digital art with physical experience to explore values of Numbers.

January Drop

The first number tokens of the project have already been minted and are available for purchase in the Art Value NFT marketplace.

NFTs drop on January 15 with 100 unique tokens. The bidding for the NFT tokens starts at 100 USD (in the marketplace please look for ~100 USD price to pick the write drops), however, later the starting price will increase. 

February Giveaway

Owners of first tokens will get the opportunity to receive free tokens of highest value in February. Giveaway of 30K and 150 000 value tokens will be in February for those who own Art Value tokens from the drop starting at January 15. The 1 000 000 token also will be given away and the owner will immediately become a millionaire! 

So first buy and then get free!

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