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Written by JJ Barnes


I interviewed author Morgana Rae about her career, what motivates her, and the inspiration behind her best selling book, Financial Alchemy.

Tell me a bit about who you are.

Morgana Rae is the international #1 best-selling author of “Financial Alchemy®: Twelve Months of Magic & Manifestation”. She has been a pioneer in life and business coaching for 27 years, and she’s CEO of a multi-million-dollar coaching company.

Morgana Rae, author of Financial Alchemy, interview on The Table Read

Morgana guides entrepreneurs, artists, healers and humanitarians to thrive in their purpose, attract more than they chase, and make things happen with ease, flow and synchronicity. She’s been interviewed in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, United Press International, all the major television networks, Coast to Coast Radio and hundreds more on her signature approach to changing Relationship with Money.

She’s been leading deep-dive coaching retreats in Bali and Mexico for ten years. In her spare time Morgana is 25 weddings deep into getting married 100 times in 100 countries to one husband. She is also excessive with her cat rescues. Morgana believes the truest purpose of money is to serve Love, Lifestyle, and Legacy.

When did you take a step to start writing?

I published my first electronic newsletter way back in November, 2002, back in the paleolithic era of online marketing. Every month I wrote and sent out an article that I thought could be helpful to my readers. I created my newsletter because I dreaded making phone calls to strangers. Even to strangers who wanted to hire me. (I get extremely productive when I want to avoid something. This has been a key to my success.) Writing to build relationship was less stressful and ended up becoming hugely profitable. Who knew?

6 months into my newsletter I sent out an article about my own personal financial breakthrough when I changed my relationship with money as if it were a person (from a bad, abusive boyfriend to a swoon-worthy honey who loved me), and the idea caught fire. My readers were sharing my article, and suddenly other organizations and magazines wanted to reprint it for their readers. That’s when I knew I was on to something.

When did you first WANT to write a book?

The joke is I did NOT want to write a book. I was so anxious back when I was writing my college papers (I was struggling with a traumatic brain injury while attending Smith College) that I promised myself that after graduation I would never write again.

Here I am writing all the time. I’m an introvert, and writing is an easy way to communicate with a lot of people while hiding at home and protecting my energy.

I was motivated to write a book when I was given a booth and a speaking spot at a big expo by the Los Angeles airport in 2006. (I’m an introvert who loves public speaking. Go figure.) I realized I had nothing to sell at the time but my 1-on-1 services. Asking people to hire you 1 on 1 the first time they meet you is like proposing marriage on the first date: a little creepy. Don’t do it. I knew I needed to come up with a lesser commitment next step (a second date, so to speak). I decided I needed a book.

How long did it take you to complete your first book from the first idea to release?

As soon as I made the decision I needed a book for that expo, I wrote it, printed it, and was selling it within 2 weeks.

My original publisher was Office Max. I even went on a national book tour and did tons of media interviews (TV, Radio, print, including the WSJ) with my Office Max-published book.

Morgana Rae, author of Financial Alchemy, interview on The Table Read

In 2012 I found myself being represented by a big-name literary agent who wanted me to write a book proposal. I was so intimidated by the task that I quickly made the decision that no one would notice I was putting off the proposal if I re-published “Financial Alchemy®” as a real book—perfect bound and ISBN number and everything–and became a best-selling author.

I set aside 6 months to promote my book for a January 2013 launch date. I had such a blast with the promotional activities—public speaking, guest blog posts, etc–that I almost forgot the goal was book sales until the day of the launch.

On Launch Day my book achieved #1 Mover and Shaker in all categories on Amazon in the United States, and it became a #1 best seller in the UK and Canada and Germany, #2 and #3 In Italy and France. I made $50K in book sales that month. All because I wasn’t ready to write a book proposal.  (As I said earlier, I become extremely productive when I’m avoiding something.)

What were your biggest challenges with writing Financial Alchemy?

I am externally motivated. I need a REASON and a DEADLINE, and then I’m off like a rocket.

What was your research process for Financial Alchemy?

I began with my own personal experience changing my relationship with money. Four people hired me the next day for double what I had ever charged before, and it snowballed from there. Then I tested and corrected my ideas with clients. Thousands of clients. Every client teaches you something about what needs to happen for a successful outcome. I discovered human beings are infinitely resourceful at coming up with new obstacles I had never encountered or imagined. It’s kind of thrilling, and it deepens my understanding of the work.

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How did you plan the structure of Financial Alchemy?

I created the book I wanted someone to write for me: something that I would open every day to stay on track, instead of something I’d read once and leave on a shelf. 

I divided the book into two parts. The first half is content, centering on how to dramatically and permanently change your Relationship with Money. The second part of the book is a manifestation system that I had developed privately for myself, that had been sky rocketing my results for years.  I included it to help readers stay connected to their new money relationship, but I also wanted to sneak in a bunch of tricks to improve their life results overall.

Did you get support with editing, and how much editing did Financial Alchemy need?

I went through 3 sets of editors and I STILL find typos! It also took me the longest time to get a cover I had confidence in. EVERYBODY judges a book by its cover. All that formatting, editing, and cover design is the hardest part of the process, by far.

What is the first piece of writing advice you would give to anyone inspired to write a book?

If you are writing a how-to book, start with your destination in mind. Have a clear picture of what you want your reader to know by the end of the book. There must be some shift in consciousness and skill as a result of your book. Let that guide you.

Second piece of writing advice is don’t be pedantic! No one wants to be lectured to. The more fun, whimsy, and vulnerability you can bring, the better. If you’re writing about yourself, share your failures in all their glory. You survived them, so you might as milk them for every drop of entertainment and enlightenment you can. One of my personal maxims is “Your wealth is in your weirdness.” The stuff that embarrasses you makes you interesting. Include it.

Can you give me a hint about any further books you’re planning to write?

For many years I noticed patterns of what comes up after money is no longer the problem. Issues of love and life purpose are typically the next challenges to tackle, so I put together a program for AFTER the money monster is slayed. I systematized what’s needed into an intense, weeklong coaching retreat I’ve been facilitating in Bali for 10 years, for women only. I use goddess archetypes and mythologies to organize the journey. (I FINALLY get to make use of my fancy undergraduate degree in Religion!) My next book will be inspired by these retreats: it will be a witchy next-level life manual.

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And, finally, are your proud of your accomplishment? Was it worth the effort?

Yes! More than worth the effort. Strangers have recognized me in airports and restaurants around the world. They tell me they have my book and it changed their lives. People I’ve never met share miraculous results on Amazon. Having a book out there frees me of feelings of guilt and obligation for people I don’t coach personally. At the same time, it also brings me some of my favorite clients. (One client had her first quarter of a million dollars sales month BEFORE she hired me, just working with my book every day.)

Humble brag: I discovered my book is carried by Walmart. I dream of seeing my book at Costco. That’s when I’ll know I’ve really made it.

Pop all your book, website and social media links here so the readers can find you:

Website: https://www.morganarae.com/

The Book (return here for a secret EXTRA bonus gift after purchase): https://www.morganarae.com/financial-alchemy-book/

Money Love Quiz (Cause who doesn’t love an easy, friendly self-assessments?): https://doesmoneyloveyou.com

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