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Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed author Winifred N. Obinna about her career, what inspires her, and the work that went into her new book, New Creation Mother.

Tell me a bit about who you are.

Winifred N. Obinna is a multi-facet Christian mother of three and a loving wife. She is a firm believer in God, a career woman, and a business owner. She works with a Global Company leading high-performing process improvement teams to protect data & infrastructure security, improve ROI, and enable revenue generation and customer satisfaction. She has an MBA and BA in Psychology. She is an avid reader and a compulsive researcher whose major inspiration is the desire to bring change to individuals, families, and society at large.

Living in a world of kids, as a mother herself, leading other mothers to pray, and through her children’s transport business, her passion for mothers and children has driven her to write an impactful change-oriented book targeting Christian mothers and parents as they heed the call to raise godly seeds for the next generation. She is an enthusiastic subscriber to the fact that intentional parenting unlocks children’s divine destinies.

Winifred N. Obinna, author of New Creation Mother, interview on The Table Read

With prayer requests for over 200 children from various parents has seen to it testimonial changes which have positively impacted different families with visible changes. As a result, more women and mothers have joined her to pray against this setback resulting in a movement.

New Creation Mother: Raising Godly Children & Preserving God’s Heritage is her debut title where she takes mothers on an intriguing and spiritual journey of how they can exercise the believers’ authority and intentionally partner with God to design the living experience for their children.

When did you first WANT to write a book?

Writing is something that I’ve always loved doing. I like reading. What triggered the action to go and write I would have to say it was mostly during the COVID 19 pandemic. When COVID 19 happened, and during the lockdown, that was the moment I felt I should do something.

That moment sort of made some things more glaring, about the world that we live in, our society, and the dangers that are facing families, specifically children. That was my “Do it” moment.

When did you take a step to start writing?

As soon as I realized that there was a fire on the mountain, that was when I started to do the preliminaries. I started putting down the thoughts on paper. I would say 2020 was when I started to do the research and thought about writing very hard. With the lockdown, no one was going anywhere, so I chose to just work. Towards the end of 2020 was when I started finalizing and doing my research about how I wanted to go about it. And then I would say we kicked off the actual book writing in 2021.

How long did it take you to complete your first book from the first idea to release?

I would say about a year. That is from the conception, research, and publishing.

What made you want to write New Creation Mother?

During the COVID 19 pandemic, I spent some time doing research, and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and learning from my pastor I got a lot of insights. There are a lot of things about our world, a lot of facts, realities, and truths, that were more glaring to me and I knew I had to talk about it. Write about it. I also had a personal experience which is another reason why I wrote that book. It was a firsthand experience of what I will call a close call. That is when it really dawned on me that there is a problem we need to make people aware of. To me, I think New Creation Mother is very strategic by the Holy Spirit.

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What were your biggest challenges with writing New Creation Mother?

My biggest challenge to be honest with you was, firstly, I was very concerned that I wanted to get it out on time. And it’s evident now that it will be timely because we’re coming out of the pandemic. And I feel like it’s a time when people really need to sit down and rethink their lives. The second biggest challenge was second-guessing myself. I did have some concerns about criticism that might come from it. But I felt like the passion and conviction were greater for me than criticism.

The passion, the conviction, and the solution that the book is going to provide for parents far outweigh any criticism. But overall, it’s been a great experience, because it’s something that was not forced. It’s something that came from the heart. And I believe that it was also inspired by the Holy Spirit.

What was your research process for New Creation Mother?

I had a great team of people that wrote with me. It was very intense because of the factual things that we put in the book. We wanted to make sure that we had the right information. So research was very intense because we didn’t want to report something that is not correct.

This is because this is a Word-based book and a lot of it just came from years of having the Word of God in my heart and just knowing what the Bible says.

Winifred N. Obinna, author of New Creation Mother, interview on The Table Read

For some of the non-biblical things, we had to do a lot of research and make sure that we have the right information as well. Most importantly, a lot of the information was also backed by the word of God which was already in my heart that I’ve known over the years.

Those came so easily for me, but all I had to do was maybe verify the scriptures or read more to get a more in-depth study just to make sure that the context for every scripture is aligned to every topic.

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How did you plan the structure of New Creation Mother?

That was something that I decided upon with my team. It was just how the subject flowed from my heart. I just envisioned it as having a conversation with my girlfriend.

As if we were meeting up for lunch, or just out with the girls having a chat. I allowed it to flow like that. Like, Hey, there’s this thing that I want to tell you that I think you should know, then I introduce the topic, then I back it up by some main points, and then tell them, Okay, here’s what you can do to make sure that you are a solution, that you’re not at risk of this danger and here’s what you need to be doing.

And then if you are on the right track, continue. If you’re not on the right track, here’s what you can do to get back on that right track. With that, the structure slowly took shape.

Did you get support with editing, and how much editing did New Creation Mother need?

I did the initial first editing. And I edited every chapter at least once. I set up a launch team in place for an extra set of eyes. But like I said, this book was written from my heart and was not borrowed from anywhere. I penned it down straight from the heart and was able to put it together with little editing needed. More so maybe just updating information and seeing things differently but not so much editing.

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What is the first piece of writing advice you would give to anyone inspired to write a book?

Just start. Pick that pen, book, piece of paper, laptop, tablet. Whatever the writing material just start. Everything will take shape from there.

Can you give me a hint about any further books you’re planning to write?

There’s definitely more that is going to come from me. I will not preempt it so I’ll just say stay tuned. Everything else that is going to fall out of this is going to be really good. So amazing. It’s going to build on this foundation for sure.

And, finally, are your proud of your accomplishment? Was it worth the effort?

I am very proud of the book. And I think that the book was worth the effort. Listen, at the end of the day, the primary goal of this book, more than anything, is to draw men, women, people back to God. To point people to God. So this book is not really about me, about my emotions, about my feelings, or about what I want.

Yes, I have some lessons learned that I put in there. So I shared some of my experiences. But it’s primarily based on the Word of God. This book is to point people to God, direct people to God, redirect people to God, and introduce people to God. That’s the primary purpose of this book.

We are writing for it to say, Hey, we want you to affirm your relationship with God. Once that’s intact, once that’s solid, naturally, you would by default, raise children who are also loving God and are God Fearing. It’s starting with the mothers because they have the most influence over their children so that once they have their minds right and have the right standing with God, they can also extend it to their children. They can give birth to Godly seeds and raise Godly seeds.

Imagine a world where all mothers are thinking in this direction, I mean, just imagine a world with a bunch of children who are raised right and in accordance to the plan of God and His purpose? In Malachi, the Bible tells us that the purpose of marriage, from a Christian perspective, is to raise Godly seeds. So imagine that you have like 100 families on the earth raising their children to be godly, do you do not know how much of a perfect world we would have?

What we do is to redeem the time and the next generation. Because we already see that there are a lot of problems that the world is presented with. Hence why this book is like faith affirmations. It is going to be like a practical guide, or a practical tool for children to begin to, or mothers to begin to introduce to their children so that they can begin to raise them in a Godly way by putting the word of God forward.

I can go on and on but to me, it was worth every effort and it will be an accomplishment once the movement is successful, one Christian mother after another.

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