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Recent release “The Vampire Hunter Trilogy: The Key” from Newman Springs Publishing author Stephanie Turner kicks off a thrilling new young adult vampire series featuring Elizabeth, who learns her family has been hiding dangerous secrets after the gruesome death of her mother.

Author Stephanie Turner's New Book, 'The Vampire Hunter Trilogy: The Key,' Is The Story Of A Teenager Whose Life Is Turned Upside Down After A Vampire Attack, on The Table Read

Stephanie Turner, who has put her own spin and a new set of rules on the vampire mythos, has completed her new book, “The Vampire Hunter Trilogy: The Key”: not your average vampire story. In Turner’s take, vampires walk among humans, but the stereotypes about them are a lie.

The Vampire Hunter: The Key

The story picks up after a brutal attack leaves Elizabeth’s mother dead and the girl’s eyes opened to a world within the world she thought she knew. Her father missing until after the funeral and a fuzzy memory of her mother being bitten on the neck set the story into motion.

After moving in with her older brothers, Elizabeth discovers her family’s secret vocation. Her father and now her brothers have dedicated their lives to hunting vampires. Thrust into that new life, Elizabeth is bitten by a vampire, only to discover a new secret. Instead of succumbing to the bite, the vampire died after biting her.

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Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Turner’s fast-paced story takes readers inside Elizabeth’s family’s mission to save the world from vampires and figure out what Elizabeth really is.

Readers who wish to experience this gripping work can purchase “The Vampire Hunter Trilogy: The Key” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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