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Suzanne Gene Courtney, esteemed author, educator and grief coach, has released her seventh book, titled Child of Many. This new one is a deeper exploration of life, death and the space in between.

Accomplished author and grief coach, Suzanne Gene Courtney, is thrilled to announce the release of her new book, Child of Many. The book is a historical narrative and memoir highlighting the connecting points between the Davis and Eastman families. In these pages, Suzanne Courtney has creatively merged the lives of her paternal great-great-grandparents with her maternal lineage.

Child Of Many

Let your imagination run wild as you lose yourself in an ornate tapestry of history, family, and a changing world. Enter the Mayflower and Confidence ships setting an impossibly rich and sumptuous stage for the events that roll out, one by one. Names such as Alden, Pitts, Adams, Eastman, Van Buren, and Webster will be woven into this historic fabric.

Civil War-era names like Winifred and Captain Moses Davis might not mean anything to you now, but they’ll mean a whole lot once you commit your time to this serious page-turner. Confederate and Union shell casings click-clack on the ground as cannons boom and rumble during a bloody battle that costs Moses his life. Captain Davis and his wife vowed to meet again. Perhaps they did. The poignant meeting of Suzanne’s parents will make the reader wonder.

Suzanne Gene Courtney

To the author herself, Child of Many serves as a personal journey into healing from a place of grief and fear; things that plagued her after losing her family members centuries ago to present-day. By searching her ancestral lines and training in the healing modalities, Suzanne has discovered who she truly is…a Spiritual being having a Human experience. She encourages the reader to leave an imprint worth remembering and to discover their precious pasts.

Suzie, as she likes to be called, competently brings history to life. These very real, historical characters spent their days in the realms of military, law, medicine, education, government, science and industry, and so much more. Essentially, Suzanne Courtney puts the reader everywhere he or she needs to be to appreciate her ancestors and possibly, yours.

With nearly 30 years of teaching experience, Suzanne Gene Courtney first took an interest in writing after suffering the loss of her son, Daniel. In a sense, every written word of hers since has been in response to the unthinkable event of losing a child. Even though her books are distinctive, stand-alone pieces of writing, they are also part of a much larger narrative. It is the saga of Suzie’s loss and grief, but in her work, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. There is always hope. Love, gratitude, and understanding follow.

Some have even suggested that Child of Many could be her masterpiece. We’ll let you decide.

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