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Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed podcaster Dave Bookbinder about his podcast, Behind The Numbers, what inspired him, and what he talks about.

Tell me a bit about who you are.

Dave Bookbinder, Behind The Numbers podcaster, interview on The Table Read
Dave Bookbinder, Behind The Numbers podcaster

I’m a Managing Director at B. Riley Financial where I help my clients with the valuation of their businesses and intellectual property. I am also the author of The New ROI: Return on Individuals, which is about the value of people, our most valuable asset; and I’m the host of Behind The Numbers.

As someone who measures business value “by the numbers” I’ve learned that there is so much more to the story than just the numbers. It’s in understanding these lessons and insights that we can learn how to drive better numbers in business.

I also happen to believe that people are an organization’s most valuable asset, and through my lens as a valuation professional, I want to create more awareness around the connection between people and the value of a business. I was lucky to be invited to host an internet TV show at RVN Television. The podcast is an audio version of that streaming TV show.

How and why did you start podcasting?

When my book came out, I was a guest on a few shows on RVN Television (  The station management said that I was an interesting guest and thought that I might be a good host of my own program and that’s how this train started rolling.

What is your current podcast called, and how did you come up with the name?

The show is called Behind The Numbers. 

It is an axiom in business that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Business performance and business valuation are measured by the numbers. But savvy leaders know that the “real stories” – the lessons learned; successes and failures; aren’t always reflected in the numbers.  As such, we need to go behind the numbers to learn what matters most in business.

What platforms can we find Behind The Numbers on?

Behind the Numbers is available everywhere you stream, and also includes video interviews on RVN Television and YouTube.

What is Behind The Numbers about?

My guests go Behind The Numbers and dig deeper to understand what really matters in business. The goal here is to unlock the wisdom of each guest so they can share it with the audience.

We discuss topics that fall under the broad category of business, and we drill into areas like leadership and entrepreneurship. We offer insights for business owners, business leaders and the eco system that serves them.

Many times, what’s Behind the Numbers are the people who are making a difference in the organization. It’s a common thread and a topic that’s dear to me. Any chance I get to provide ‘evidence’ that people are an organization’s most valuable asset, I’m delighted.

Do you host Behind The Numbers alone, or have guest hosts/partners?

I host alone, but have weekly guests that are interviewed.

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Do you edit Behind The Numbers or have someone who does it for you?

Dave Bookbinder, Behind The Numbers podcaster, interview on The Table Read
Dave Bookbinder, Behind The Numbers podcaster

The show is recorded live at RVN Television studios and any editing is done by the pros there.

Do you script Behind The Numbers, or just chat as you go?

We are never scripted!  I was a guest on some shows where the hosts were big on scripting, and the conversations were robotic and inflexible. I learned from those experiences that we need to be prepared, but never scripted.  I do a prep call with my guests before their appearance to get acquainted and develop a theme. We then, have a conversation and the cameras just happen to be watching.

How has Behind The Numbers changed or developed since you began?

Like anything else, you learn from experience, so I’ve streamlined and refined the prep call process and I’ve gotten more comfortable in keeping guests on-point during the conversations. It’s also cool that as the show had gained traction, I’m doing fewer in-studio interviews and more Zoom interviews, as guests are coming on from all over the world!

What are you biggest challenges with Behind The Numbers?

My biggest challenge is in getting guests to share their appearances. Many of them are not used to being in the spotlight, so I try to help them to understand that they are adding value to the audience and sharing is a way to broaden the reach of their insights.

What are your favourite podcasts to listen to?

I tend to listen to other business shows, Like Business Builders and CFO Thought Leader, because the topics are of interest, plus I always learn from how other hosts conduct themselves. I also listen to sports shows, some HR-centric shows and some motivational things as well.

How and where do you promote Behind The Numbers?

I promote the show on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  I’m open to suggestions for other avenues to spread the reach of the show!

Do you earn money from podcasting, or is it a hobby?

I don’t earn money from podcasting. My show is recorded at the RVN Television studios in Cherry Hill NJ, and RVN does sell advertising for many of the shows that they air. 

I enjoy meeting new guests and sharing their insights – that’s my reward, along with building my personal brand.

What’s something you never expected about podcasting? What have you learned that surprised you?

The biggest surprise is the international reach of the show.  I never expected that people around the world would care about the show, but they are tuning in from across the globe. I also never expected that I’d have guests coming on the program from around the globe either.  That has truly surprised me and I’m grateful for their support.

What is the first piece of advice you would give to anyone inspired to start podcasting?

Focus on having fun. Make it a great experience for you and your guests.  If everyone has fun, it results in a great experience and content.

And don’t get hung up on the numbers (no pun intended here) – especially when so many people are spending less time in their cars or otherwise traveling, where they’d be listening to more podcasts.  If you focus only on the download stats you might get discouraged – stay with it and be true to yourself and your guests. You have to take the long view here and keep showing up – as long as it’s fun, you’re doing great. You never know who will find you – or when they will find you. Stay patient.

And, finally, are your proud of what you’re accomplishing withBehind The Numbers? Is it worth the effort?

Absolutely!! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many great people that I’d never have come in contact with had it not been for the show. I’ve learned a lot from them and had lots of fun along the way.  I even got to interview some celebrity guests that are true highlights for me.

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