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On The Table Read, “The Best Book Reader Magazine in the UK“, new novel, Bella Novela by Charlotte Harrison-King, introduces the deliciously vibrant and cinema loving Catherine Lish.  Discovering a neglected little girl on a beach in Mexico, Catherine has some big decisions to make. Does she simply walk past, or does she throw caution to the wind and embrace wherever one random act of kindness might take her?

Debut Novel by Charlotte Harrison-King

A debut triumph, Bella Novela hooks you in from the start, and though published less than a month ago, it already has reviewers saying they need to read it again.

A rollercoaster of a read, Charlotte Harrison-King not only spoils her audience with effervescent characters but weaves a rainbow of emotions, quirkiness and accessible pop culture references throughout her plot which keeps the surprises and delight coming.

Bella Novela by Charlotte Harrison-King on The Table Read
Bella Novela

Offering a well-crafted narrative and pure escapism, Bella Novela is finding favour with both sexes and is a literary treasure well deserving of a top spot on this summer’s must-read list.

Bella Novela

“When floaty-dressed rock chick Catherine Lish encounters a neglected little girl on a beach in Mexico, she faces a dilemma. Should she just keep walking, continue her holiday and then return to her comfortable yet complicated life in England? Or will the cinema aficionado in her know a plot twist when she sees one and allow a random act of kindness to change the script of her life forever?

“Sun-kissed, twisty, and yearningly romantic, Bella Novela is a quirky international tale which reminds us that things are rarely what they seem on the surface.”

Reviews For Bella Novela

“Finding it incredibly hard to put down. Whether it’s the daily commute or sneaking a chapter in on your break, you’re going to find a lot of time to read this.” – Daniel

“If you’re looking for a good book to read by the pool, look no further. I laughed out loud at the witty writing-couldn’t put it down! Charlotte Harrison-King fills the pages with intrigue, humour, love, passion and turmoil…just genius.” – Miss Natalie Knutton

Charlotte Harrison-King on The Table Read
Charlotte Harrison-King

“I don’t read very often but the cover art grabbed my attention, so I gave it a go. It was so good; I just wish I hadn’t rushed it – might read it again! New favourite.” – Amazon Customer

About Charlotte Harrison-King

Charlotte Harrison-King is from Derby, where she works for the NHS. 

Anyone that knows Charlotte will testify that there are unmistakable traces of her personality throughout Bella Novela, and so an author biography will feel fairly unnecessary if you have already read the story. 

From her film and media degree to the Jurassic Park posters she had on her walls as a child, her stratospheric anxiety levels, fondness for rock music and fear of iguanas – Bella Novela is a love letter to everything she loves and some things she loathes. 

Whether you care to or not therefore, you will know this author intimately after reading her debut novel.

Find more now:

Published by Four Parrots Publishing, Bella Novela is available in paperback (£11.99) and Kindle format (£2.99) on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3LJNhgi and https://amzn.to/36RYJYx respectively

Instagram: @themostorganisedchaos 

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