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On The Table Read, “Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, founder of BetterMe, Victoria Repa, shares why the Russian invasion of Ukraine inspired her to design the Creating Freedom Within range.

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Written by Victoria Repa

Creating Freedom Within

In 2014 Russia invaded Ukraine and deprived me of my home in Donbas. In 2022, Russia attacked my second home in Kyiv.

Fighting For Freedom

Russia is bombarding residential areas, kindergartens, schools, civil cars. Russian Government is committing a crime against humanity. Now the entire Ukrainian nation is united as never before. We are fighting for freedom and for the future of our country. Russia is attacking the values of the whole world, while Ukraine is fighting for the world.

Victoria Repa, BetterMe, on The Table Read
Victoria Repa

Sure, I am scared for my life, the lives of my loved ones as well as the whole Ukrainian nation. I am also confused in the face of the unknown. We have all experienced similar feelings of uncertainty after the COVID-19 outbreak. Back then, we were all affected by a disease. Now with the war, so many of us in Ukraine and all over the globe are feeling helpless and numb because of all the injustice. It’s one person who is intentionally destroying the lives of millions.

Ukrainians Are Strong

Despite all the chaos, Ukrainians are a strong and resilient nation. And everyone is playing their important part on the way to victory.

I do understand that when I am affected by panic, I cannot think straight and secure the stability of the business. That is why I focus on what I can control. My primary task at the moment is to guarantee the operational efficiency of BetterMe. This will secure jobs and enable us to provide financial support to employees.

Those not fighting on the front line have to ensure economic sustainability. This, in turn, will help the armed forces, people at most risk, as well as the whole nation.

How The BetterMe Team Adapted To The New Realities And Support The Nation

  • My primary task as a leader is the safety of my team and their families. We are doing our best to provide appropriate working conditions for all, no matter where people are located. Our employees are now scattered across the cities of Ukraine and Europe, facing different challenges. Some of us don’t have a consistent Internet connection, others have to work in-between air raid sirens and possible bombings, many are struggling with anxiety, fear, and panic attacks.
  • But we do not stand behind. The BetterMe team is actively helping in this fight. In addition to providing support to our team and their loved ones and volunteering as much as we can, we donated $40,000 to the Come back alive foundation, which supports Ukrainian Armed Forces.
  • Besides, we provided free access to the BetterMe Mental Health app for Ukrainians to help reduce fear, stress, and anxiety.
  • Together with UNICEF Ukraine, we launched the project, which aims to care about the mental health of Ukrainian children. Ukrainian fairy tales have been added to the BetterMe: Mental Health app and we are preparing expert content on taking care of the emotional state of a child during hostilities.
Victoria Repa on The Table Read
Victoria Repa

We strongly believe that we are in this together. When people share their efforts, help each other and stand strong and resilient in the face of evil, great things happen. Ukraine is united as ever, and we are determined to win and build an even stronger country together.

Since the war started, BetterMe has:

  • Donated $40,000 to the Savelife.in.ua foundation, which supports the Ukrainian army;
  • Provided free access to BetterMe: Health Coaching and BetterMe: Mental Health apps for Ukrainians;
  • Launched a special chapter to support the mental health of Ukrainian children, namely gathered Ukrainian fairy tales, added tips from UNICEF Ukraine on how to care about a child in shelters, what to do in case of a panic attack, etc. in BetterMe: Mental Health;
  • Started a project with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to help Ukrainian children have access to physical activity and mental support;
  • Stopped serving Russian users and encouraged them to support Ukraine through push notifications in our applications;
  • Sent push notifications to 2.5 million of our international users calling for help for Ukraine;
  • Negotiated with our partners, big technological companies their support to Ukraine, Ukrainian tech companies and developers;
  • CEO and Founder Victoria Repa appealed to international tech companies to send notifications to their users to support Ukraine and make donations in support of the Ukrainian army;
  • Collaborated with international charity foundations, like the Polish “Altruisto”.

The Creating Freedom Within Range

BetterMe team launched “Creating Freedom Within” Matching Set, activewear in blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag. 50% of the profit will be donated to help affected children. The funds will be transferred to UNICEF Ukraine. 

We think of this set as the statement of freedom, self-expression, and commitment to achieving your goals.

In 2014, Russia deprived me of my home in Donetsk. In 2022, Russia attacked my second home in Kyiv. Now the Russian army is bombarding our cities and ruining the lives of millions. Unfortunately, I can’t stop this war, but I realized that I can use my brand to help Ukrainians survive this horror.

I believe that Freedom starts within, and Freedom is a choice. A choice to express yourself the way you want to, defend your rights, share your opinions, and change yourself and your life however you like.

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