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Victoria Brown, independent artist, Frooty Creations, on The Table Read
Victoria Brown

Written by Victoria Brown

Victoria grew up in Buffalo, New York where she discovered her love for art at a very young age. Her earliest memories are being taught by her aunt to draw hair, going to sculpture parks and museums with her parents, art class being her favorite subject, and hanging her newest creations on the fridge with honor.

Victoria Brown, independent artist, Frooty Creations, on The Table Read

An Education In Art

Throughout highschool, she took many art classes and experimented with every medium she could get her hands on. Pottery, painting, collaging, drawing, sculpting, sewing – there was nothing she didn’t try. There was never a moment where she wasn’t creating something.

By the end of her senior year, Victoria had been awarded multiple awards and scholarships for her art and her work was even in a local art museum for youth. When it came time for college, Victoria moved to Savannah, Georgia at 17 to attend SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) – where she received her BFA in Production Design with a concentration in Costume Design.

Wearable Art

Her interest in practical/wearable art was something she always wanted to explore more in depth. She learned not only how to properly draw clothing – but also how to make her own patterns, alter fabric, and construct clothing. She also took many painting and drawing classes as well as classes to learn how to do set design and lighting for theater and film/television.

While in college, Victoria loved giving homemade gifts to her family and friends, such as scrunchies, bags, clothing, and more. The joy it gave her friends and family to use her products she made inspired Victoria to open up her own shop.


Victoria Brown, independent artist, Frooty Creations, on The Table Read

She fell in love with creating for her customers, exploring her creativity, and giving herself more independence with her talent! Thus, birthing FrootyCreations – who got its name from one overly exhausted college student stuffing her face with famous cereal while she pulled yet another all-nighter. Victoria often joked that random snacks throughout the day in lieu of actual meals were her “creativity fuel”, so the name felt fitting.

There had been a few times she thought of changing it, but as time went on she realized it was a wacky name that her customers easily remembered.

Life In Lockdown

While living in Georgia, Victoria met her fiancé, Andre. His constant support of her art made Victoria feel more loved than ever before. They moved to Louisiana in November 2019, right before the worldwide pandemic rushed in. Due to the lockdowns, Victoria was not able to continue her career in the entertainment industry. Theater and Film companies could only safely work in skeleton crews which made finding a job impossible. With no other options and her spirit running low, Victoria decided to jump head first into doing her art full time.

Her Etsy shop became her main source of income, along with various art jobs like painting statues at her landlord’s statue and furniture store. It was scary and harder than anything she’s done before, but Victoria believes this pandemic has made her grow into the strongest version of herself.

Victoria Brown, independent artist, Frooty Creations, on The Table Read

Inspiring Her Son

In January of 2021, they welcomed their first baby, Finnegan, into the world. Despite some protests from people who said her child should now be a reason she “gets a real job”, Victoria has stayed firm her art career believing that it provides a great example for her son that he can do whatever he is passionate about in life. She even brings him along when she paints statues, sells at art markets, and goes supply shopping.

Currently, FrootyCreations is based out of Louisiana where Victoria still lives with her fiancé, son, and two dogs. The birth of her son inspired Victoria to expand her business even further by adding baby clothing, accessories, and supplies to her shop.

As of now, FrootyCreations is proud to have a wide variety of items that include clothing, hair accessories, baby items, pet accessory, kitchenware, eco-friendly products, and more. Victoria wants her shop to be one that has something for everyone.

Returning To Theatre

She has also opened up a non-profit theater company with her partner and friend, Stephanie Bartage. Victoria is the head costume designer and constructor, using her talent to bring stories alive on stage. 225 Theatre Collective is dedicated to bringing diversity to the entertainment industry in Louisiana by helping people of color, plus size actors, and all genders have a role in plays they would otherwise be rejected from.

It is refreshing for Victoria to finally be able to dive back into her love of theater and give back to her local community.

Victoria’s Changing World

Looking back on the last few years, the pandemic has taken a lot from her. She could not walk across the stage for her college diploma, had to postpone her wedding, was not able to have a baby shower and normal birthing experience, etc. But, her shop has given her so much hope, security, and ease of mind during these trying times.

When things get rough and life is hard, she can find comfort in her art. Her big leap to go full-time as an artist during the pandemic was a risky one, but has been so successful.

Victoria is excited to see what 2022 has in store for her. Your support of her business and passion is more than appreciated!

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