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Drops in Black Sand, Black Reverence and Vintage Black: Intoxicating and evocative poetry that hugs the reader in a celebration of Black love.

Sefa Noir’s three beautiful books of poetry, quotations and photography uniquely celebrate Black love in all its hues, forms and majesty.

Sefa Noir

Written under the pseudonym Sefa Noir, this poet’s uniquely personal and evocative poetry comes together in three volumes – Drops in Black Sand, Black Reverence and Vintage Black – with each identifying with her experiences of having been a witness and participant in the beauty of strong black love.

Bursting with poetry and graphics that embody a moment in time, in love and life – Sefa Noir’s words are the spellbinding kind that once you’ve found them will linger and make a home in your soul.

Not only a writer of words to cherish, Sefa Noir has developed a rare and exquisite style that secures her place as a twenty-first century poet of note.

Originally raised in the suburbs of Northern NJ, Sefa Noir did all the right things and followed every societal rule. Moving through life doing the expected; college, career, family. She is a single mother, HR professional and dedicated daughter. She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting, as well as an MBA with a focus on organisational development, and currently serves as vice president of human resources for a $500 million dollar a year physician group. However underneath her responsibilities beats the heart of a passionate poet and a student of Black culture and eroticism.

After a trip to a local bookstore in 2010 left her feeling unrepresented when trying to find a gift book about “Black Romantic Love”, she began the journey create to one. As a long-time lover of poetry, sonnets, and great photography she chose to use these elements to create her first collection of poetry. She uses written and photographic imagery to explore the depths of passion dedication, dominance submission, commitment and unrequited Black love.

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Vintage Black (published 5th May 2021)

Author Sefa Noir has released another collection of the most beautifully written poetry imaginable. She has a natural flair that seduces the reader into a poetic prose that is nothing less than addictive….Our love, black love, often lost in a fire of broken yesterdays, and the cloudy grey mornings of tomorrows yet to be. This love is timeless and certain like the pages of a history book. A love vivid with colour and often tainted by circumstance. A love so cherished and tender that freedom was the only thing we fought harder for. Have you seen this love? It’s quiet and simple, its every day, and plain, it’s complex, and troubled, yet always beautiful. This love is full of life, laughter and sometimes tears. Walk through the memories of lovers young and old, lost and found, beautiful and black seen through intimate photographs from the past, narrated by prose, and witness… Vintage Black.

Black Reverence (published 16th March 2020)

Beautiful love quotes and poetry in full graphic illustrations. Love in its many shades, forms, hues and states of existence can be beautiful and hauntingly intoxicating. Yet no other love than” Black Love” has a mystery or story as deep, rich, and imbued with colour, majesty and passion than ours. Join  Sefa Noir on a graphic and poetical journey depicting our love and telling our story in all of its elements and phases as we show “Black Reverence”.

Drops in Black Sand (published 19th January 2019)             

He said to her over dinner late one evening, “you are a pleasure. A pleasure to look at, a pleasure to listen to, a pleasure to talk to, you are my Sefa.” A pleasure as it is known in Turkish, yet her desires were dark, and subtle like the film genre. Sefa Noir was born.

Raised in the suburbs of Northern New Jersey, Sefa Noir did all the “right” things and followed every societal rule. Moving through life doing the expected, college, career and family, however underneath her responsibilities beat the heart of a passionate poet and a student of black culture and eroticism.

A self-described submissive female in the Dominant/Submissive sub-culture, Sefa Noir has long been a witness and participant in the beauty of strong black love.

In this her first published collection of poetry, Sefa Noir uses verbal and photographic imagery to explore the depths of passion, dedication, submission, dominance, commitment and unrequited black love. Join her in a walk across the black sand.

Receiving five-star reviews, Amazon readers say:

“Whomever she wrote this for/about, their love was deep. It is felt throughout the book, in every poem/story. Normally, our greatest works come from our pain, but this is an example of good works coming from joy.”– KaMau-Mau (Drops in Black Sand)

“This collection of words is beautifully crafted together; this should be the blueprint for future black writers. This book will come alive with each turn of the page. Pick it up today.” – Naypom (Drops in Black Sand)

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Drops in Black Sand, Black Reverence and Vintage Black are published by Andrea Johnson Books Publishing and are available on Amazon as follows:

Drops in Black Sand – paperback ($18.34)  Kindle format –

Black Reverence – paperback ($21.99)  Kindle format ($10.63)

Black Vintage – paperback ($23.95)

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