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Blogging Helps Deliver Terri Kozlowski’s Passion for Authenticity to the World on The Table Read

Written by Terri Kozlowski   

I’ve been a writer of newsletter articles for various organizations over the years. Still, I didn’t call myself a writer, even though some of my pieces were in national bulletins. As I was taking off the masks and armor, I wore because of childhood trauma. So I looked at ways to be more creative.

Finding Creativity

First, I took out the colored pencils and began coloring each week. Then I started going to paint and sip classes to work in a different medium. And as I got more creative in my home studio, I realized how much I enjoy the writing process.

Blogging Helps Deliver Terri Kozlowski’s Passion for Authenticity to the World on The Table Read

Putting words together in a way that allows others to empathize and, more importantly, know they aren’t alone. Someone who had a similar experience or felt the same way helps others see that we’re all connected.


When I was writing my memoir, Raven Transcending Fear, I also learned about publishing. I kept seeing in my research that a new author needed to have a writing platform. Why? As a way to establish a following, gain authority on the subject matter and create opportunities for engagement and business success.

So, I looked at different author websites to see what an author’s platform looked like.  This research is why I launched my website,, on January 1, 2019. And each week since, I’ve posted an article. Three years later, I still love to write my weekly blog. Why? Because it’s my way to reach out to others and share my healing journey and hopefully help others along their path, too.  

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I’m a planner, and each month I focus on a theme. For example, the theme for December 2021 was Opening Your Eyes. 

Each week I wrote about a different way to see what’s happening around you: Having the Courage to Open Your Eyes and Cleary See Projection Makes Perception, It’s Powerful to Open Your Eyes and See the Pain of Others, and See the Hope & Love in the World Around You are some articles I wrote which highlight the monthly topic.

Another practical reason for blogging is to help drive new traffic to my website. Of course, not everyone will want to read about ways to open their eyes. Still, maybe they are interested in How to Take Off the Masks & Armor to Authentically Be Yourself. So if you’re thinking about blogging, be sure you have a variety of subjects within a particular niche for you to write content consistently.

I already have the monthly themes for 2022 and what I think the weekly topics should be. Then each week, I spend a few hours researching, and then it takes about six hours to write the article.  Now, my pieces are about 1800 to 2200 words each because I want to be thorough in the subject matter I write about, which is about becoming your authentic self. Of course, I realize this is a wide range of topics.

Still, I focus on overcoming fears and limiting beliefs, especially when dealing with trauma. The most extensive advice I’ve heard from fellow writers is to write about what you know and are passionate about, and that’s what I do.

Blogging Helps Deliver Terri Kozlowski’s Passion for Authenticity to the World on The Table Read

The Power Of Blogging

For me, blogging is about learning and sharing. We all continuously grow from the life experiences we have. And if I write about those lessons, it does two things: first, it helps me clarify the message and implant it into my everyday life, and second, it allows others to absorb from my understanding and perspective. Although I believe I am a teacher at heart, I have a teaching certificate, so sharing what I’ve gone through with others allows for that coaching relationship to form.

Authentic connections build from small insights into one another, and exposing my vulnerability through my blog allows others to see my authenticity. They see the virtuous, the depraved, and the parts that need tending. Like a garden, each of us needs care. 

Blogging Helps Deliver Terri Kozlowski’s Passion for Authenticity to the World on The Table Read

I hope I am helping others cultivate their authentic selves by tilling the soil for new seeds to be planted, watering their hearts with compassion, and celebrating the harvest of living the life of their dreams. When one of us bravely shows our authenticity, it encourages others to be courageous and be themselves, too.  

So, are you being authentically you? If not, follow my blog or listen to my podcast, Soul Solutions, and start your journey to become your authentic self.

Media Bio:

Native American Terri Kozlowski is a certified life coach, blogger, the author of “Raven Transcending Fear,” and founder of Soul Solutions. She specializes in empowering women by teaching them to set personal boundaries, reframe the stories they tell themselves, overcome their fears, and push past their limiting beliefs.  Part memoir, part self-help guide, Terri’s book is a raw and personal story of diving deep into childhood trauma, dealing with the terror before ultimately getting comfortable with fear and transcending it.

On her successful podcast and YouTube channel Soul Solutions, she delves into the soul and offers bite-sized takeaways for controlling our egos and emotions.   Terri holds a BS in Social Science, has written for Thrive Global and Medium, appeared on over 60 podcasts, and has spoken to groups from 5 to 600. She has helped over 1500 people with her hard-earned wisdom.  Terri lives in Woodstock, GA, with her husband and pampered chihuahua Lelu.  

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