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Carly Burns is a born and bred Geordie girl living in London, and has travelled the world as a singer, dancer and actress, working with a myriad of big names such as PLAN B, DUNCAN JAMES and DENISE VAN OUTEN. With WON’T FALL APART she is now ready to make  her mark on the global music industry. Carly’s songs scream strength and power, and she  plans on using that attitude to empower her listeners, as well as making them want to get up  and dance. 

Carly Burns, Won't Fall Apart, interview on The Table Read
Carly Burns

Won’t Fall Apart

A powerful song inspired by the strength of letting go, WON’T FALL APART is a pop/dance song, with Burns adding her signature soulful pop vocals to create something truly special.  Expertly shifting between straight-ahead pop and 4-to-the-floor house music, Burns’ production glitters and shines with her powerhouse vocals soaring and flying atop the mix. 

Carly speaks about the meaning behind the song; “I want to encourage people that if certain things don’t go the way you originally planned, it’s just because the universe is planning something bigger and better for you. This song is a goodbye letter to anything that has ever brought me down and I’m ready to ‘touch the sky’ in 2022.”

“It has been an absolutely crazy couple of years – for everyone – with so many ups and downs, but I’m finally ready to show the world what I have been working on and get this absolute bop out there!” says Carly.

Carly’s Songwriting

Of her song writing style, Carly says, “a lot of my songs have actually come from a dark place, but putting the words down became a form of therapy to me. I then realised that I could take my emotions and turn them into these powerful songs.”

“Being a Geordie I have no shame in admitting I have always loved a good party. Dance music has forever played a part in my life whether it was getting ready for a night out,  working out or even having a boogie while I’m in the kitchen cooking! I just love the kind of songs that make you want to get up and dance and I hope my song will do just that to its  listeners. I first got the idea for this song when I heard the anthem “No” by Little Mix. I was  obsessed with the fact it was a perfect mixture of pop and dance and thought I needed to do  something like this. Artists like Becky Hill, Little Mix, Dua Lipa are my biggest inspos and I plan to bring the same energy they bring with my music”

Carly Burns, Won't Fall Apart, interview on The Table Read

Carly’s Career

Carly Burns started her career on the stage, performing in lead roles in London, and travelling the world in renowned productions, such as playing the Acid Queen in The Who’s Tommy in London, alongside X Factor Rockstar GIOVANNI SPANO. She is about to go on tour with the Award Winning and iconic musical BLOOD BROTHERS playing the supporting lead role LINDA alongside X Factor’s NIKI EVANS who will be returning to the show for 2022’s UK TOUR.

Alongside this, she always had a passion for songwriting and dance music, and during lockdown, had the time to collaborate with several prestigious DJs, such as James Lee Dawkins and Doug Dee, and experiment with her own unique style.  Combining her powerhouse vocals with infectiously groovy beats, she brings together a signature sound that will leave you inspired, energised and spellbound. 

However, it’s Carly’s lyrics that make her stand apart from the rest of the dance world.  Overflowing with profound and sentimental meaning, she unashamedly wears her heart on her sleeve for the world to see. She hopes to spread a message of motivation, love and empowerment for all who listen. 

Find More From Carly Burns

WON’T FALL APART is no exception – loving yourself and stepping out onto the dancefloor like Carly Burns does best. Dance is therapy on this brand new track, out on the 21st January 2022. 




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