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Written by Taly Matiteyahu

Date in a Blink

We know modern dating is stressful. Daters have become enamored with the illusion of choice and convenience, developing a “bigger, better, next” mentality and spending endless hours mindlessly swiping and uninterestedly messaging, chasing small dopamine hits. And yet, days, months, and even years later, they find themselves still single, swiping on apps and looking for love.

Taly Matiteyahu Date In A Blink, Blink Date App, Podcaster, on The Table Read
Taly Matiteyahu

Singles are frustrated. They’re tired of feeling like everything is click-bait, bait-and-switches, cat-fishing, or some type of scheme. They’re ready and eager to connect on a deeper level, recognizing that judging someone off a carefully-worded profile and a curated set of photos eliminates a huge pool of potentially great matches.

Blink Date

Using relationship psychology and real-time communication, Blink offers a fresh way to date and make genuine connections. We create a space where a person’s personality, sense of humor, and quirks are what set them apart — not their looks, height, or fashion choices. Traditional dating apps put looks first, but contrary to popular belief, relationship psychology not only shows that physical attraction is a poor indicator of long-term relationship success, but also that attraction can actually blind us to mis-matches in compatibility. Beyond that, psychology shows that our attraction to people increases as our connection to them grows.

Instead of scrolling mindlessly through profiles and swiping on profiles, Blink allows members to go on voice-only speed dates from the comfort of their homes so they can quickly find and develop quality connections. Members sign up in less than a minute, putting in some basic information and uploading a single photo. They then provide their upcoming availability.

Based on their availability, we schedule members for Blink Dates, which are 10 minute, voice-only dates. After going on their Blink Date, each member evaluates the conversation to let us know how it went. Since we know love isn’t blind and mutual physical attraction plays a role in romantic relationships, members then move on to Glances, where they see a photo of three different people and let us know whether they’d be interested in each person based on the conversation they just had. We only match people based on mutual positive feedback from both the Blink Date and Glance.

Taly Matiteyahu Date In A Blink, Blink Date App, Podcaster, on The Table Read


Real-time communication saves daters valuable time — no more swiping, no more missing out on a potentially amazing person based on a poor photo, bad profile or odd prompt. With Blink, people go on actual dates. They hear their date’s voice, which creates intimacy and triggers a release of oxytocin (a relaxation hormone) in the brain, a stark contrast with reading text messages, which raises cortisol levels (a stress hormone).

Without worrying about how they look, daters are able to focus on getting to know one another without distractions. And, since humans are trained from birth to understand nuance solely based on someone’s voice, daters can understand their prospective matches far more intimately than they could solely via messages.

Date In A Blink Podcast

Taly Matiteyahu Date In A Blink, Blink Date App, Podcaster, on The Table Read

Given our eagerness to offer voice-first dating to singles looking to find genuine connections, we launched a voice-first speed date podcast called Date in a Blink (Apple / Spotify) while the Blink app was in development. We used season one of the podcast to validate our concept and gather feedback from daters. The feedback was resoundingly positive – even those who didn’t hit it off with their date said they were interested in continuing voice-first dating, noting how refreshing it was relative to swiping and messaging.

Beyond helping us connect with singles, the podcast has been an amazing way for us to build relationships with others in the dating, relationship, and love community. We’re excited for season 2 of the podcast as, in addition to continuing to host Blink Dates, we’ll be bringing in relationship experts to provide dating insights and help singles learn more about developing and maintaining strong and healthy connections (and even identifying bad ones!)

Through the Blink Date app, Date in a Blink podcast, and our blog, we’re working to transform how people connect while sharing content designed to inspire daters to enjoy the dating process, learn about themselves, and enter and exit their relationships with confidence. 

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