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On The Table Read ebook Magazine UK, Count On Me! is a new game which blends gaming and learning to master math skills – that kids love and parents feel is time well spent.

Count On Me! on The Table Read
Count On Me!

With the Easter school holidays almost here – whether hitting the road for a well-deserved break or staying at home – kids entertainment is set to be a top priority for families. But with so much to choose from – how do you mesh finding something that the kids will love whilst boosting their learning? 

Count On Me!

Count on me! by Akribian is the new epic maths adventure game that combines learning and fun – perfect for busy minds. Ideal for ages 5–9, the app allows every child to become the hero of their learning journey.  

The game is based on a unique concept of Game-Embedded Teaching (GET) to help children master early maths skills. Developed using the most effective method in psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), combined with game design – it is proven to accelerate learning and improve their skills by 60%.[1] 

Mathemagical Storytelling

With Mathemagical storytelling, the adventure-based game keeps children entertained whilst also helping them to learn and master early maths concepts such as pattern recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and equalities. Children can only play the game for 15 minutes per day as the characters in Numberia go to ‘rest’, so it involves limited screen time with maximum learning outcomes.

The equivalent of 15 chaptered books, the game features over 50 unique characters set in a beautifully illustrated and rich story world.

Count On Me! on The Table Read
Count On Me!

The game invites children to step into the shoes of a young Mathemagician – the only one who can bring back Math Magic and save the land of Numberia from chaos. To power up the Magic Ruler and progress through the story, each player completes maths exercises adapted to their level of knowledge.

The captivating characters are narrated by award-winning British voice actors, famed from well-known children’s programmes and characters, including Paw Patrol and the Honey Monster.

Making Learning Fun

With scientifically proven results lacking from many of the existing education apps and games on the market, and traditional ‘homework’ style apps feeling like a chore, Count on me! has turned the entire category on its head. By blending game design into an evidence-based approach to mathematics learning[2], Count on me! has created a story driven adventure game that is captivating and motivates children to learn maths. Giving parents the confidence that the time their children spend playing Count on me! is time well spent. 

Martin Hassler Hallstedt PHD

Count On Me! on The Table Read
Count On Me!

Martin Hassler Hallstedt, PHD, learning psychologist and Founder of Count on me!, says: Practice makes perfect and kids love to feel they are masters at their subject! As with any other skills, maths skills are acquired by continuous practice. 

Our unique approach to learning through our maths app allows a child to engage fully in adventure, fun and learning maths for 15 minutes a day – a short burst of wisdom is embedded with minimal screen time. This encourages a happier state of wellbeing and is a more sustainable way of learning that results in long term knowledge retention.”

Find Count On Me! Now

Count on me! is £3.99 a month – try the first week for free. Visit the the Apple app store or

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