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Kindness for Success Brand and Personal Design Items

Written by Dark Joseph Ravine

As a social media influencer dedicated to the power of positivity and kindness, I have always wanted to create a business where clients can purchase items encouraging kindness or have them create their own design. I was told by many friends, family, and influential influencers that it would be a great idea to have a business that is more than just requiring a client to simply make a purchase.

I wanted it to be a worthwhile experience for customers so that they would be happy promoting the kindness brand or devising their own brand where they could express themselves.

Dark Joseph Ravine on The Table Read

As of now, I am currently offering a 20% cash back for every sale made as well as offering giveaway entries for a future giveaway depending on how much clients spend.

The benefit of my online store ( is that every purchase made will be remembered for future giveaways so that any purchase made has a long-term effect for all customers.

How Kindness for Success got started

When I started the store, I decided to sell a variety of branded items in black. But customers requested other colours and I have added those colours to all the items. One of my best sellers was the Kindness for Success hat, now available in several colours.

I have adjusted my prices to make all items affordable worldwide and what’s great about this business is that shipping is super fast because items are made all around the world. What’s even greater than that is that the quality is superb. Because items are made in different centers around the world, shipping costs are low.

Dark Joseph Ravine on The Table Read

Making my store affordable was one of my goals. I was told by an expert that my prices sounded too good to be true along with all the benefits I offered.

What I Did After Being Unsuccessful

I have since added my services to my store. I will design your logo free of charge. I designed some of my own Kindness for Success logos and have designed products purchased for others. Since social promotion is one of my favorite pastimes, I also enjoy creating items for my clients.

I have created videos and promotional materials for businesses and creating and entertaining are some of the things I love to do.

Dark Joseph Ravine on The Table Read

I made my online store a place where clients can design their own logo items or purchase designed brand items that I have created myself. The mug in the above photo is an item I designed myself.

Dark Joseph Ravine on The Table Read

I can also design items like this, for example, for clients. I do it free of charge. I enjoy designing items in general, so I have no problem doing it for clients.

And that’s not all!

Customers have the option of designing their own items in my online store as well.

I, Dark Joseph Ravine

Enjoy being an influencer, enjoy running my merch store, enjoy designing for my clients, enjoy helping others promote their businesses.

People may ask why buy from me?

Reasons people should buy from me are:

Dark Joseph Ravine on The Table Read
  1. Most companies charge money to design promotional products, I do not charge.
  2. All items purchased in my online store has a long-term benefit of giveaway entries for future giveaways.
  3. Each sale currently has a 20% cash back opportunity.
  4. All shipping is tracked internationally and is reasonably priced.
  5. All items are of good quality and shipped quickly.

Closing Points

I decided to create this store to increase kindness, make people happy, kinder, and at the same time, by giving them what they want, helping create more positivity in the world. I feel I am combining my mission of kindness together with my online business in this way.

Shop at Kindness for Success here:

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