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On The Table Read, the “Best Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, YouTuber Dan Howell describes his comedy series, Dan Is Not Okay, his changing relationship with YouTube, and news of his world tour.

Why I Quit YouTube

The former BBC radio presenter released a new video titled “Why I Quit YouTube”, two years after he uploaded his coming-out video during Pride month. In the video, he explained his journey of becoming a YouTuber (physically, emotionally, and mentally) and the fame and notoriety he’s received as an online celebrity.

Howell talked about how after he uploaded his coming out video, he wanted to pursue larger projects after feeling burnt out. He then talked about wanting to do something new, exciting, and challenging.

Dan Howell, YouTuber, on The Table Read
Dan Howell

“I wanted to change. Something new, something different, something inspiring, something where it’s not just me by myself, talking about myself. New people, new challenges, new experiences. And now that I’ve finally come out, I can be real and actually enjoy this crazy fucking life cuz I’m free to just be me.”

Unique Circle Backdrop

Dan Is Not Okay

The main project he focused on is a pilot for a comedy series titled Dan Is Not Okay, a show about Dan’s life if he did become a lawyer and did not pursue a career in social media.

“The show is called Dan is not okay, where I play myself set in a world where I graduated law school and never became a YouTuber. And it turns out that even if my life went down a different path, I’ve still got all the same problems because this Dan hates his job, has no friends, has spiraling mental health issues, and a serious long term girlfriend. Because if I haven’t got my positive experiences with social media and my audience, I would still be a Daniel in denial.”

He received a phone call from YouTube saying that they are no longer interested in doing the project due to structural changes. Howell shared an email to YouTube admitting defeat, expressing his massive disappointment and how the project may have been too ambitious.

“I understand how these things go and that the entire nature of YTO and the remit is subject to change. I do wish the process could have been better with more candid conversation and without some of the sour incidents, but mostly the time I cannot get back. Perhaps the project was always too ambitious for the platform, and I was naive to have done so much for this, personally and professionally, but c’est la vie.”

World Tour

Dan added that he’s going to continue to create videos, and that he’ll be going on a world tour this year.

‘If you want to see some stand-up self-deprecation, feel part of something, maybe even have a little crisis and a laugh like it’s the end of the world because, let’s face it, it probably is…So I’m back. I promise nothing other than I am trying to make myself happy, do stuff that matters and if that brings you any happiness maybe this whole damn thing was worth it.’

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