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Living360 will serve as a guide to modern life in the UK and around the world, keeping readers up to date with health and fitness, food and drink, homes and gardens, beauty, travel, finance and all the latest lifestyle trends and seasonal celebrations.

Living360 Online Magazine

December Marks The Launch Of Living360 A New Digital Lifestyle Destination Run By Leading Lifestyle Journalists, Travel Writers And Industry Experts on The Table Read

The new go-to online magazine will help you navigate all aspects of life, across the website and social media. You’ll find inspirational content and experiential features alongside tailored lifestyle guides, luxury reviews and insightful interviews with celebrities, influencers, athletes and industry experts in areas that impact all our lives.

Mattie Lacey-Davidson, editor of Living360, says: “After a turbulent 18 months, many of us are now looking for new ways to improve the everyday while seeking out any opportunity to live life to the fullest. Living360 will serve as a guide to all aspects of life so you can do just that.

“We’ll be serving up the latest health and beauty trends to keep you feeling your best as well as culinary inspirations and once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences, all accompanied by advice on careers and finance so you can get to where you want to be in life and be able to afford its luxuries.”

Each month Living360 will host exclusive competitions, offers and discounts from both big and emerging brands that will complement and enhance readers’ lifestyles, as well as tailored advertising opportunities, enabling readers to discover new brands, services and subscriptions.

Living360 is brought to you by travel and lifestyle content specialist APL Media.

Living360’s best bits so far…

Health & Fitness:
What is femtech and how is it closing the gender health gap?
Want to build muscle fast? NASA might have the answer

Huda Beauty founder reveals her top skincare tips
Three facial massage techniques you can master from home

Food & Drink:
The top five food & drink trends of 2021
How to make Nadiya Hussain’s vegan cheesecake

Homes & Gardens:
How to create a ‘cottagecore’ aesthetic in your home
Furniture flipping: the sustainable trend transforming homes

The best flight-free holidays across Europe
The cosiest UK hotels to book for a winter staycation

Micro-investing: What is it & which apps are the best?
Should you open a pension for your child?

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