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The chill vibes are ideal for the autumn season and provide perfect listening as we approach winter.

Autumn Dream, Dr Fabola on The Table Read

Autumn Dream

Autumn Dream was written as a sort of escape from the unfortunate events we’ve encountered in the last year and a half due to the pandemic. We’ve been through an unprecedented couple of months, a harsh winter, an unusual spring and a summer that seems to have flown by.

With the holiday season fast approaching, as we look forward to things getting better, now’s the time to escape from these harsh realities and seek solace in the pleasures of the season – taking long walks in nature with loved ones, basking in the golden bliss, taking in the crisp cold air and just living in the moment.

Autumn Dream, Dr Fabola on The Table Read

Dr Fabola

Dr Fabola is based in Manchester, UK. His music is predominantly upbeat acoustic pop, laced with rootsy folk, world music and jazz. His intricate fingerpicking and soft, soulful vocals combine effortlessly into a sweet feel-good vibe that has drawn comparisons to Jack Johnson, Tracy Chapman and Nina Simone.

You can listen to Autumn Dream and also connect with Dr Fabola using the links below

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