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This is a dystopian shocker of a novel from first time author, retired police officer Guy Robin. A couple caught up in the hostile alien environment off the coast of Scotland during a pandemic just as the lockdown increases. Curfew and forced restrictions coupled with a lack of any assistance challenge the innocent holidaying pair. Will they surmount the ever-challenging odds of survival?


Dysfunction by Guy Robin on The Table Read

With the Covid 19 pandemic still fresh in all our minds, there’s an awful lot of ‘what ifs?’  in this highly tense thriller ‘Dysfunction’ from new author Guy Robin. In the main, what if the pandemic hadn’t dissipated and that it continued to rage across the United Kingdom, with all the consequences of two strangers on a Scottish island being trapped in the middle of it all. That they are now having to fend for themselves and fight to survive.

Things get darker and uglier for the main characters, retired police officer Peter and his spouse Helen, as this dynamic dystopian imagining gains pace and vigour. It really is a matter of survival against all the odds and the author draws upon his own experience as a once serving and commended policeman as to how he would tackle the dire situation and emerge alive and salvaged from the bloody scenario.

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Set During The Pandemic

Set at the time of a global pandemic, where the Government of the UK are implementing increasingly severe and draconian restrictions and lockdowns. ‘Dysfunction’ by Guy Robin tells the story of a retired police officer, Peter, and his wife Helen, seeking a short holiday on a remote Scottish island.  They are caught up in a total lockdown and curfew.

Peter is a cautious, somewhat paranoid individual, who becomes increasingly resourceful, as the story unfolds.  Helen is less worldly wise and views some of Peter’s decisions as unduly pessimistic. We follow their journey to survive, away from civilisation, without any real clue as to what is happening in the rest of the country.

Their adventures become increasingly tense and precarious, as they make discoveries about their environment and interact with locals. The cast of local characters help to change Peter’s rather blinkered mindset and assist in the creation of a bonded group of survivors.  The tension continues to build to a final bloody battle to survive, where all of Peter’s cautious planning is put to the test.

About Guy Robin

“The book more than alludes to the recent lockdowns endured in the country and as I write the threat of possible further restrictions, so it is what you might call a modern, relevant dystopian fiction. The novel is my first – a dystopian fiction about what might happen in a pandemic, if the restrictions had been more draconian. Set from the perspective of a couple on holiday in Scotland; it follows their journey to survive and discover themselves.”

Dysfunction by Guy Robin on The Table Read

Guy Robin grew up on the South coast of England, near Bournemouth.  He lost his father when he was five and was brought up by his mother, who secured his education at Reeds School in Surrey. 

At 21 he joined the Metropolitan Police Service, serving for 30 years in a variety of roles and departments, but Guy regards his years at Battersea Police Station to have been his best time in the job.

Since retirement, Guy has worked as a document collection and statement taking agent. He has been a driver for several driving agencies and private clients.  Guy is married to Paula, and they live in a quiet town in Sussex.  The time and solitude afforded to him by the recent Covid crisis led to a fulfilment to write a piece of fiction.

Guy’s interests are many and varied. He played hockey for many years for the police and then for Crowborough Hockey club, where he met his wife.  The new author enjoys the outdoors, particularly walking great distances across the South Downs and beyond.  He collects stamps and Scottish Malt whisky.  He rides a motorbike and looks forward to the day when he can once more tear around the roads of Europe.   Guy says he has more work in the pipeline, and he continues with his writing which he describes as “a pleasurable and cathartic hobby.”

‘Dysfunction’ by Guy Robin is due for imminent release.

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