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JJ Barnes The Table Read

Written by JJ Barnes

My Dear Readers

Editors Letter by JJ Barnes on The Table Read
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Thanks to you and your involvement in this project, this little dream of mine has become a reality. A month ago I launched The Table Read. I wanted to create a platform for the wonderful writers and creators I follow on social media to be able to come together and promote their work, whilst also teaching and inspiring others. My idea was small, but my hopes were big. And, thanks to all of you, it’s working.

It has been an incredible privilege to host some of the most spectacular creatives I’ve ever encountered. From authors to actors, bloggers to poets. This platform has words from people all around the world, who all communicate their messages through the power of writing and the love of story.

This world can be incredibly cruel to creatives. We are seen often the strange outsiders, struggling to make a living, pushing against a tide. But still we force our way forwards. We keep creating, keep trying, and that is inspirational. It is worthy of respect. And it is worthy of sharing.

Whether you’re here because you love to read, and find the words of others captivating, or because you love to write, and want to share that with the world, thank you. Thank you for giving the gift of your love and passion and creativity. For reading the wonderful stories, poems and blogs that people pour their energy into. For supporting and celebrating the artists that do it all for the love of the craft.

The #1 Writing Tool

Thank you for helping me make The Table Read such a positive and exciting experience.

Together we can grow, reach more, do more.

JJ x

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I am an author, filmmaker, artist and youtuber, and I am the creator and editor of The Table Read.

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