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JJ Barnes The Table Read

Written by JJ Barnes

Hi all,

I wanted to say a big thank you for all the wonderful support we have had here at The Table Read. It took a lot of work to put this together, and it’s an on-going process. We are fully committed to bringing you the best possible content from amazing voices around the world.

What Can You Find On The Table Read?

Poem by Josette Celeste on The Table Read
Poem by Josette Celeste

In my role as editor, I have been so delighted to feature writers and artists that I truly admire. If you haven’t had a look around yet, please do. If you’re a big reader, our author interviews and book reviews should help you discover your next favourite story. For poetry lovers, please check out the wonderful work of the poets I am publishing.

Actor Sarah Elizabeth Lewis on The Table Read
Actor Sarah Elizabeth Lewis

As part of a new series, I will be publishing actor interviews, talking to the people who are working so hard to bring the words to life. Ideally, I’ll be bringing you the words and experiences of people working in all areas of the film industry. The stories we see on screen come from so much creativity and passion from so many different artists. All with interesting stories to tell.

Creative Writing Advice by JJ Barnes on The Table Read
Creative Writing Advice by JJ Barnes

I am continuing my passion for creative writing advice. I am exploring the stories that have inspired me and given me joy over the years. From these stories, I am writing what we can learn to improve our own work. I am also continuing to post on the YouTube series where I’ve got some amazing people I interact with regularly.

Working with so many different writers and creators has been a wonderful experience. And it’s only been a week! Who knows how big we can grow?

Growing Upwards After Week One

The #1 Writing Tool

If you’re on social media, please give The Table Read a follow. All the follows, retweets and shares have made a huge difference and help grow this community of artists.

For a first week on a small, independent magazine, I think we have done incredibly well. And it’s all down to the wonderful contributors and their inspiring words, and the fantastic readers who take such joy in learning and experiencing their creativity.

Don’t forget to subscribe. The Siren Stories free giveaway for subscribers continues and you could win books, merch or more every month, so don’t miss out!

If you have any ideas for features on The Table Read, please get in touch. We are always looking for writers and creators who could find a home for their work here too. So get in touch and let’s chat!

Thanks again,

JJ x

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