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Many Americans may be asking themselves the following questions today, given our political climate:

·       How do we survive amongst a fractured, divided nation?

·       What happens if an extreme, rigid, corrupt government comes into being?

·       How do we combat the dangers of a centralized power and power-hungry individuals?

·       What happens when oil runs out and our energy grid is controlled by just one entity?

The #1 Writing Tool

Sundown And Friendship City

Engineer and author Carl H. Mitchell, who imagines a dystopian world in his books, enlightens, informs and entertains his readers. He helps us look into a not-so-distant future when the above questions get answered in a dramatic story.

Part science-fiction, part police drama, his series of thrillers warns us of how a divided country combined with political chaos can lead to a life-threatening and rights-limiting society.

“No doubt, America is still a prosperous, peaceful, and strong nation,” says Mitchell. “But we are starting to see some significant cracks in the armor. Today’s climate of political unrest and division over so many rights, values, and policies are splitting the nation. I imagined what could happen to us if we continue to splinter and fracture what should be uniting us. My books are a window into a not-so-distant world that may just be our fate.”

Dystopian Series

Friendship City – Hanging By A Thread, the sequel to the octogenarian’s debut thriller, Sundown – Engineering Gives The Devil A Sunburn, takes us into 2058, where the United States is thrown into unrest and chaos from energy battles, political assassinations, and violence on the streets.

A series of man-made killer plagues are unleashed in a battle for survival and freedom. It seems the balance of democracy hangs by a thread.

In Sundown, it is the year 2057, and the world is starved of oil, politically fractured, and in the unrelenting grip of Jason Bach’s World Council. The Vice President of the United States has been murdered along with four of his Secret Service agents. NYPD detective Nick Garvey is assigned to investigate the assassination.

Nick helps President Lenora Allison in her plan to beam sun energy down to earth, combating Beck’s world-domination dirty tricks, only to end up in front of his firing squad. Will freedom and diversity be crushed?

“As our nation comes out of a deadly pandemic with civil and racial unrest in the streets, and chaos in Washington DC is the norm, it may seem no novelist can write a better script for a dysfunctional, dystopian world,” says Mitchell.

“But what we witness today could get a lot worse. The seeds are being planted for some potentially disastrous events. Will we stay on course for trouble – and be confronted with the world I feature in Friendship City and Sundown – or will we find a way to come together and overcome our differences? Luckily, we still have a choice, but fiction may be turning into reality.”

About Carl H Mitchell

Carl H. Mitchell developed a penchant for writing at a young age. His first serious read, at about nine years of age, was Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Isaac Asimov’s “The End of Eternity” and Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” completed the capture.

Engineer and Author Carl H. Mitchell Examines A Not-So-Distant Future Through His Part Sci-Fi, Part Police Dramas; "Sundown" And "Friendship City" on The Table Read

Born in California, raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in Lake Worth, Florida, he earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. He worked at IBM for 35 years as an engineer, programmer, and manager.

Carl lives with his wife, Maryann, in Hillsborough, New Jersey, with winters spent in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Along with downhill skiing, he counts among his hobbies the keeping of koi, of which he currently owns more than a hundred. Auditing a year’s worth of bills for fish food and pond maintenance has led to the more accurate conclusion that the koi own him.

Carl, an octogenarian, has written several short stories and recently turned to penning dystopian novels. Friendship City, released in 2021, is the sequel to Sundown: Engineering Gives the Devil a Sunburn, published by Covenant Books, is his first novel. The near-future police procedural contains thriller, mystery, espionage, and dystopian aspects. There are also science-fiction touches. He writes to entertain and challenge his readers, offering a powerful message regarding a divided nation that needs to come together to defeat evil.

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For more information, please consult: www.CarlHMitchell.com

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