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On The Table Read, “The Best Book Reader Magazine in the UK“, author Mark Cascarino releases new dark and sinister fantasy thriller, Eve Of Pandora.

That author Mark Cascarino is a fan of Stephen King becomes clear in this wickedly sinister tale which goes beyond the realms of mere fantasy into firm placing within the horror genre.

Eve OF Pandora by Mark Cascarino on The Table Read
Eve OF Pandora

‘Eve Of Pandora’ is a gripping scene-setter for what is the first of an intended series from the pen of Mr Cascarino and if this initial effort is anything to go by, readers devoted to the King camp will delight in its similarities to the work of the master storyteller of horror, the supernatural, suspense, crime, science-fiction, and fantasy.

Eve Of Pandora

One would automatically feel a sense of impending doom just by reading these few early lines from lines from Mark Cascarino’s prequel ‘Eve Of Pandora: Book 1 of The Pandora Series’ –

‘Penny had always preferred quiet solitude.Her life had been a slow and predictable one.That was before the fire.The fire changed everything.’

With these words, the reader knows that life for this innocent young woman is about to get very complicated, if not threatening. As she’s guided by the charismatic older woman Kate Digby through a new world, Penny realises the legacy of her family and fate dictates that she is forced to confront her own power.

Kate and Penny

Kate grew up hearing legends of the Light Bearers, but nothing could have prepared her for Penny’s beauty, with perhaps more than subtle hints of lesbian attraction. Kate and her ‘Tribe’ set out to educate Penny on the real history of the universe and the Eternal War that once raged – the one that humankind had forgotten and can no longer see.

Penny must learn and train, must ready herself to face the challenges of two evil foes, The Operator and his Assassin. She is destined to stand against the darkness as have all the Bearers of Light on her side, those that had been there since the very first. Penny was really Olivia, the daughter of Eve – yes, the biblical Eve who was brutally murdered by Adam in an horrific act which became the true, original sin.

The events that unfold in this terrific page-turner will most definitely whet your appetite for more and I’m sure Mr Cascarino will not disappoint in his future Pandora endeavours.

Synopsis of Eve Of Pandora

A young school teacher who comes across an old book while on a school trip; a pupil had previously interacted with the book and the teacher later discovered that the pupil burned his house down with himself and parents inside.

She is forced into a world that is our own but an underworld that the mainstream don’t know exist full of danger, a classic light verses dark, she is the latest in a blood line of women descended from Adam and Eve’s daughter – the first light bearer. 

Kate needs to learn how to navigate this world, learn about the enemy who has infiltrated our history and governments to gain endless influence and power. She needs to be the one that stands against the dark.

Mark Cascarino on The Table Read
Mark Cascarino

What if Adam committed the original sin by killing Eve and bringing the Darkness his daughter and her dependents now hold back?  If the enemy is shadow and darkness, how do you hide from your own shadow?

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About Mark Cascarino

Mark Cascarino is the author of The Pandora Series, based on a world you would recognise but don’t see. You will find both enjoyment and horror in watching his characters grow. He isn’t afraid to make the reader feel the scene and experience it sometimes in horrifying detail.

When Mark isn’t writing you will find him reading Steven King, Trudi Canavan, or just spending some time with his family.

Each character grew from a small part of Mark until they have taken on a life of their own. He has written some experiences in the book from his own life and expressed from his own emotion.

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‘Eve Of Pandora: Book 1 of The Pandora Series’ by Mark Cascarino (ISBN 9798759745587) is a self-published work and is available at Amazon in hardcover, RRP £11.99, in paperback, RRP £8.99, and in Kindle, RRP 99p. Details at: www.amazon.co.uk/Eve-Pandora-Book-1/dp/B09PMKNCZG/

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