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Julie Conrad’s High Places finds middle-aged Tory MP falling for the charms of a twenty-year old secretary. Their lies and deceit are the catalyst to a trail of terror, incarceration and death, the question on the lips of everyone is who’s behind their descent in to this black hole of chaos?

High Places

With the current shenanigans surrounding Boris and No.10 reinforcing the fact we can’t get enough of wrongdoing and mayhem in the corridors of power, now is the perfect time to pick up a copy of High Places.

Based on a premise (MP has an affair with a young secretary) that could be viewed as obvious, High Places is in fact, 252 pages of intrigue, suspense, and full-on entertainment. A rollercoaster of a read, characters jump from the page and the suspense-driven plot delivers psychological twists and turns that nobody sees coming.

High Places by Julie Conrad on The Table Read

Fans of the author’s debut novel will also enjoy her two latest books – Demons, a psychological mystery/thriller set in 1986 (published: September 2021); and the first instalment of her Sarah Jane Raymond trilogy, Georgette (published: November 2021).

Having just started out on her career as a published author, the name Julie Conrad is already synonymous with a thumping good read.

The Story of High Places

In 1990 a love affair blossomed between a middle-aged Conservative MP, Sir Rufus and a twenty-year-old secretary Magda.

In 1993 the lies and deceit took their toll on Sir Rufus, and he endeavoured to end the relationship, against Magda’s wishes.

Neither could have imagined that their actions would lead to terror, incarceration and death. Nor that their descent into the abyss is being orchestrated by an elusive person. Someone with a lot to gain, who has played the long game. Who is pulling the strings?

Reviews of High Places

“I really enjoyed reading “High Places” by Julie Conrad. It’s been very well written. A really good and enjoyable book, which I found easy and relaxing to read, but also a very intriguing story line one that keeps you turning the pages. I’m looking forward to reading more books written by Julie Conrad.” – Anne Moore

“This is a terrific thriller. From the very beginning there is no let-up in the narrative pace. The characters quickly fall into place and the story while occupying not unfamiliar territory is nonetheless compelling. You cannot guess where it is going. The prose is well constructed and flows with ease.

As James Elroy once said “no-one skips dialogue.” You don’t skip anything in this book. An interesting mixture of spare prose, recognisable characters lightly drawn and realistic dialogue. That is what makes this a page turner until the very end. I loved it.” – M W Rudland

“Once I started to read this book, I couldn’t put it down. It’s very well written with great character development that really draws you in to their world. I really hope she writes a follow up as I’m keen to know what happened next for the characters! This is a fantastic novel, hopefully the first of many. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Julie Conrad novel.” – Nicola

About Julie Conrad

“High places is my debut novel. I enjoy writing psychological thrillers and psychological mysteries/dramas. I published Demons in September 2021 and the first instalment of my Sarah Jane Raymond trilogy in November of the same year.

“An acrylic artist, I have been painting for well over ten years and have had a few private exhibitions, as well as exhibiting with the Altrincham Society of Artists.

“I studied and achieved BA(Hons) Social Science degree and CQSW. As a qualified social worker I worked for a number of London boroughs, before returning to the North West as a Regulatory Inspector.

“I have always been into fitness, and I love dogs, I have three. I love wildlife, support and promote animal rights and animal charities and kindness to all.”

Find more from Julie Conrad

Independently published, High Places is available in paperback (£5.99) and Kindle format (£3.99) from the author’s website at: and on Amazon at Format)



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