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Recent reports show that many travelers currently choose activities related to health and wellbeing. Lithuania is an off-the-beaten-track destination that offers countless natural resources with healing properties — amber, pine trees, mineral waters, and many more — that help immerse visitors in authentic and rejuvenating experiences.

A recent report by the Wellness Tourism Association revealed that spiritual practices and treatments, based on natural resources and found within the local environments, demonstrate the highest growth potential in wellness tourism. Additionally, travelers seek out eco and resort spas, wellness centers and lifestyle-oriented resorts.

Lithuania possesses a range of natural resources, which beckon tourists to spend the cold season while boosting their immunity and mental health with a blend of modern and ancient medicines from the gifts of nature.

The First Amber Sauna In The World

A hard yellowish to brownish clear fossilized resin, commonly referred to as “Lithuanian Gold,” is mostly found in the Baltic Sea region. Used as early as 2000-1800 BC by Baltic Tribes, amber has made its way into jewelry as well as traditional medicine, where it was applied as acure for a variety of ailments. The gemstone is high in succinic acid — a curative chemical, known for enhancing immunity, speeding up healing, and slowing down aging.

Nowadays, therapeutic amber power serves as a natural remedy in massages, baths, saunas, and scrubs. The first and the biggest amber sauna in the world, made of three tones of natural Baltic amber, has been open for guests in the Lithuanian seaside region since 2018. The luxurious amber room produces the healing magic through infra-red rays, which release succinic acid and regenerate one’s health and well-being.

Amber necklace, © Denisas Nikitenko
Amber necklace, © Denisas Nikitenko

Entire Spa Towns Dedicated To Mineral Waters And Mud

In ancient times, the Lithuanian underground springs were considered sacred because of the abundant healing mineral waters, rich in calcium, magnesium, and sulfates. The healing effect of mineral water has been known from the old days, but only those who understood the secrets of nature knew where to look for that natural marvel.

Now, to manage stress and fatigue, people apply this earth’s resource to balneotherapy — a set of water procedures in mineral water pools and baths, situated in Lithuanian spa towns Druskininkai and Birštonas. The country’s spa towns are also known for local curative mud — the therapeutic mud baths that have benefits to skin, muscles, and joints. Immersing oneself in a warm bath of white or black peat mud is also a powerful way to relax, and let go of stress. 

Forest Bathing In Anykščiai Spa Town

Pine forest is another one of these natural resources, dominant in the forest-rich country and is considered valuable for the immune and nervous systems. Most of the resort towns in Lithuania are surrounded by these magical trees where visitors can gaze around and inhale the distinctive refreshing scent.

Anykščiai is a forest resort town that has recently been gaining popularity. New hotels, restaurants and the famous Treetop Walking Path have been attracting increasing numbers of visitors yearning for the magic of  majestic forests. Those craving for inner healing can take conscious breathing or stress reduction classes or attend one of international events promoting healthy lifestyle. The annual Forest Festival invites participants to fully immerse themselves in the forest: attendees learn about forest plans, experience forest bathing techniques, prepare their own food on fire, and more.

From Herbal Teas To Herbal Sauna Rituals

To fully absorb local treatment traditions passed down from generations, visitors are welcome to get acquainted with herbal therapy. It is also known as phytotherapy and teaches how to recognize, collect and prepare the locally-found herbs. The therapeutic production, made by carefully selected Lithuanian herbs, varies from medicinal teas to authentic incense and cosmetics, and can be found in local shops.

Phytotherapy can be also experienced through the herbal sauna — the treatment said to purify the body and soul. After the steam herbal ritual at the sauna, visitors are invited to savor soothing herbal tea and luxuriate in skin nourishment procedure with raw Lithuanian honey.

An extensive selection of the therapies based on natural resources of Lithuania can be found here.

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