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On The Table Read, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Joss Stone joins Auddy to launch season 3 of her podcast, A Cuppa Happy, featuring Matthew McConaughey.

“It’s refreshing to find the amount of passion that the team has to help podcasters to succeed and I am really looking forward to growing my show with them.” – Joss Stone, A Cuppa Happy

A Cuppa Happy

Following some recent departures from Acast, Joss Stone is the latest big name to move her podcast to the Auddy network in time to launch season 3 of A Cuppa Happy.

Joss is excited about the prospect of growing her podcast, reaching new audiences and increasing sponsorship revenue.

A Cuppa Happy by Joss Stone on The Table Read
A Cuppa Happy

Commenting on the move to Auddy, Joss Stone said: “I am so excited about launching season 3 of my A Cuppa Happy podcast with Auddy.  It’s refreshing to find the amount of passion that the team has to help podcasters to succeed and I am really looking forward to growing my show with them.”


Auddy’s Chief Revenue Officer, David Couch, said: ” I’m beyond excited that the supremely talented Joss Stone has chosen to bring her podcast to Auddy. We have big ambitions for the future of this show, with season 3 kicking off in supreme style with Hollywood A-Lister Matthew McConaughey.”

Joss continues with: “The response I have received from the last two seasons has been overwhelming and it makes me so happy to know that I have contributed, even in a small way, to help people have the opportunity to be happy. My guests this season help me to continue to explore this very important question about ‘what it is that makes us happy?’. I am speaking to some incredible people who give a wide range of perspectives.  I hope listeners enjoy listening to our chats and can have a giggle with us.”

About A Cuppa Happy

The first two seasons of Joss Stone’s podcast have been well received with reviews stating “Loving my ‘Cuppa Happy’. Such a thought-provoking exploration if what happiness means and a great collection of insights from different people.”, “A breath of fresh air” and “My happy place”.

And support for Joss continues following her Masked Singer win and open conversations which she has had about her recent miscarriage and subsequent feelings about her new pregnancy. 

The first two seasons are now available to listen to at A Cuppa Happy – Auddy, with the new season launching on Friday with special guest Matthew McConaughey.


Happiness – the most mysterious of human emotions. It’s elusive, fleeting and often unappreciated until it’s gone. But what exactly is it, and how do we find it? Each week Joss Stone speaks to a host of guests from deep thinkers, to cultural figures – in an effort to find some answers. Expect outlandish theories, occasional disagreements and a whole lot of laughs.

Host:  Joss Stone

Producer: Fascinate Productions

Episodes and release dates:

Episode 1 – Matthew McConaughey – 22nd July 2022

Episode 2 – Professor Robert Waldinger – 29th July 2022

Episode 3 – Siobhan Miller – 5th August 2022

Episode 4 – Professor Ethan Cross – 12th August 2022

Episode 5 – Krystyna Hutchison – 19th August 2022

Episode 6 – Gretchen Ruben – 26th August 2022

Episode 7 – Arron Crascall – 2nd September 2022

Episode 8 – Jonathan Wolf – 9th September 2022

Episode 9 – Dr Laura Berman – 16th September 2022

Episode 10 – Richard Wiseman – 23rd September 2022

Episode 11 – Uri Geller – 30th September 2022

About Auddy:

Auddy is one of Europe’s fastest-growing podcast companies delivering end-to-end premium audio podcast publishing solutions for creators, advertisers and businesses. With three core business areas: 1. Buying and selling inventory in podcasts across UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 2. Producing podcasts – both original and for clients in the branded and private podcast space. 3. A new tech-enabled comms tool for organisations to engage with their private networks including an optional integrated payment solution.

Auddy’s original podcasts have won many awards for their shows: Inside the Tour: The Lions, Cold Case Crime Cuts, Smoke Screen and Sound Heap. Clients include Fenwick, Selfridges, Project Everyone and Straight Line Thinkers. Big name podcasts such as The Modern Mann and Joss Stone’s ‘A Cuppa Happy’ have also recently moved their advertising inventory from ACast to Auddy. With over 11m historical UK downloads and averaging 13m monthly downloads in the DACH markets, Auddy is rapidly making its mark in the audio space.

Follow Auddy

LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

About Joss Stone

Joss Stone a singer-songwriter from Devon, UK has been captivated by soul music since she was a little girl. As she moved through her early teens she intuitively honed her now trademark gravely-but-lustrous vocals by singing along to Aretha’s Franklin’s Greatest Hits. She began pursuing a singing career at thirteen, securing a record deal at 15, and recording her star-making Critically acclaimed debut album, The Soul Sessions, which was released in 2003. EMI/S-Curve Records.

Grammy and Brit award-winning Stone has since released 8 studio albums as she has continued in her journey of musical exploration.

At just 35 years old Joss has already enjoyed a long career. She has kept the company of musical royalty from the outset, performing alongside many legendary artists such as James Brown, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Sting, Van Morrison and Melissa Etheridge amongst many others. She’s has collaborated with and contributed to albums for many of the world’s finest musicians, including Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger and Damien Marley.

Joss’s love of music and fierce independence has led Stone to break away from the constraints of being tied to a label and has enabled her to explore many different genres of music. The joy that she finds in her chosen artistry has helped her to forge ahead, always looking to break new ground both musically and in her life. It is evident that Stone is an independent soul, a true free spirit. Some may call her rebellious, others would say that she is a young woman who is completely confident in her chosen direction and is at peace with all that that means.

Water For Your Soul

In 2015 her album ‘Water for Your Soul’ was released, achieving number-one reggae album on release and voted best reggae album by Billboard. ‘Water For Your Soul’ is rooted in reggae and sprinkled with world influences. Clearly demonstrating how the teen soul prodigy has blossomed into an artist of style and substance. It is an album that pulses with liquid grooves and dazzles with the mix and match sonic adventure of hip-hop, shimmering with the exotic sounds of world music whilst delivering the emotional belt of RnB.

Joss Stone recently completed her most audacious project to date – The Total World Tour – in which she performed in over 200 countries spreading music, love and charitable outreach along the way.

Follow Joss Stone

Twitter: @JossStone

Insta: jossstone

TikTok: @jossstone

YouTube: JossStoneOfficial

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