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Written by Dark Joseph Ravine


What does kindness mean to me?

Acts of kindness have the ability to change lives for the better. I am a social media influencer who is trying to encourage and motivate others to act with positivity and kindness as much as possible. I believe this is my task in helping bring about a positive change in the world.

Kindness Can Be A Superpower According To Creative Business Owner and YouTuber Dark Joseph Ravine on The Table Read

I am someone who enjoys giving and helping people out as much as I can. Acting with kindness and treating others kindly inspires me big time because it is like gaining a new superpower.

I notice that with acts of kindness produce a domino effect; one person acts with kindness and changes the life of another person, who then goes on to treat others kindly. Acts of kindness are far-reaching and powerful and these positive acts never end.

What Consequences Result From Kindness?

As a young man, I became inspired when I watched people in my life being kind to one another. I saw how kind people were more well-received and popular among their peers. Kind people seemed to possess the key to happiness in life. They inspired others around them as they gave and received kindness, improving not only their own lives but also the lives of those around them.

Since 2018, I have been doing social media giveaways to show my appreciation to my followers  who have been supporting me on social media. I give my followers giveaways not to promote my brand, but to create connection with each and every one of them.  As an influencer, I believe in humanity first and then success. . I try to do my giveaways at a consistent basis so that I can give back to my followers for their ongoing support. Donating prizes I win from redemption arcades allows me to feel that I am fulfilling my life’s mission to be kind to others and to inspire others to do the same.

Kindness Can Be A Superpower According To Creative Business Owner and YouTuber Dark Joseph Ravine on The Table Read

Of course, being kind does come with limits and we have to know what our boundaries are when it comes to helping and giving to others. When you act with kindness towards another, you should be certain that the recipient appreciates your act of kindness first. Doing this ensures that those who are on the receiving end of your kindness are happy with the things you are doing for them and that your kind acts are not for no reason. I do my  utmost to focus on those who are needy as well as anyone who may require my help.

Right and Wrong Times for Kindness

Some people may use false kindness to promote themselves or their brand or image. Some may even display acts of kindness to those they believe can further their career and ignore those who are truly needy. Abusing acts of kindness or displaying them for the wrong reasons is akin to not showing kindness at all. Therefore, I am encouraging others to behave kindly. Even though kindness is a superpower, it can also be used in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons, so it is important to know when it is the right time to use kindness and when it is not.

What Happens When Kindness is Used Correctly?

When kindness is utilized for the correct purposes, it then becomes a superpower because people see you as a hero for others in need When you demonstrate kindness to the people who need it most, then other people will respect you for what you are doing. In many ways, a kind person becomes a hero.  One should not, however, abuse kindness acts and the respect which is gained from performing them. Kindness must be utilized to for the right reasons if you want to make the world a better place.

Kindness Can Be A Superpower According To Creative Business Owner and YouTuber Dark Joseph Ravine on The Table Read

Why Kindness is a Challenge for Many People?

Kindness is a challenge for people because they would rather be kind to people that can benefit them in some way as opposed to the people who really need it. This is why they fail at becoming truly kind people because they have ulterior motives

When one gives out kindness for its own sake, one can become genuinely respected among other people. The key to becoming a kind person is to truly care for others and to want their good, rather than looking to kindness as a means of self-promotion.

Learning From my Past

When I used to demonstrate kindness towards people I believed would benefit me, I received a bad reaction. Since 2019, I have demonstrated kindness free of ulterior motives to the people who want it and need it. My life has become better by leaps and bounds. I made many friends, was living better, and found more satisfaction in life. Today I aim to try to help as many people as I can to learn about how kindness works and how to use it properly in the best way possible.

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