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LiLi Roquelin is an internationally acclaimed, multi award winning Pop-Rock/FolkyPop French-American singer, songwriter, composer, record producer who grew up on the French Riveria.  Today, she is based in Astoria, Queens, New York City, living the successful music career life in the USA.

LiLi Roquelin, singer of Childfree, on The Table Read.
LiLi Roquelin

Music Career

She’s well known for crushing goals – moving to America to pursue a music career was something she’d been saying she’d do since she was just 14 and she’s certainly made an impact there! 

Roquelin has accumulated numerous noteworthy accomplishments including honor and awards, music releases and music videos, and impressive radio airplay, including over 80 press and interviews features, special live performances (“God Bless America” a capella in front of FOX5, NY1; the American National Anthem before 5,000 people at CITIFIELD; opening for Bruce Sudano – producer for Michael Jackson, and wife Donna Summer) and several TV and Film song placements.

She participated alongside JULIAN LENNON to a beautiful spoken word track “Voices of the People” that’s on the soundtrack album of the inspiring movie “One Little Finger”.    She has over 2 million views on YouTube, with 900,000+ views on her official channel. Many of her songs have been featured in film and television. Most notably, her songs were on the official first entry list for consideration at the GRAMMY Awards.  


Recently, LiLi has made a different kind of media splash as one recent composition in particular – the powerful  “Childfree” has received major media attention.  The new song, which has been described by many as an anthem, is “for women who chose to live a life without having children” and, proving the point,  features fifty five “happy childfree by choice women on the cover art” is putting the artist in the spotlight (and in the crosshairs).  

LiLi Roquelin, singer of Childfree, on The Table Read.

It was even recently featured in the New York Times article, ‘“To Breed or not to Breed.”   Roquelin  says that women who decide they don’t want children often face some pretty heavy judgment by society. She told the New York Times,  “Over the years I have been criticized as inhuman or unloving,” – an accusation that is clearly not true – though she may not want children of her own, the talented singer/songwriter has publicly done more than most to protect other people’s children.

In November 2015 she wrote and released a song “Abolitionistas”, exclusively for Freedom Ladder, a non-profit organization which focuses on ending the trafficking of children. (The Director of Freedom Ladder has been chosen as one of the New York Abolitionists with Tina Fey and Meryl Streep.)

Embraced By Women

The pushback against CHiLD FREE doesn’t phase her – it’s also been embraced by women who feel just like she does (you can find them by searching Twitter hashtags like #childfree #childfreebychoice #childfreelife #childfreelifestyle #childfreeandlovingit #nokids #neverkids.) 

The outspoken artist says she considers herself a proud voice of the “childfree movement,” and is happy to talk to media.  

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