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Mandalay Hawk’s Dilemma: The United States of Anthropocene is a middle-grade novel for our unpredictable, troubled and overheated times, about a 13-year-old girl who, in 2030, has to save the world from global warming because adults screwed up, climate protests have fizzled and the world is on fire.

Mandalay Hawk's Dilemma by Peter Aronson on The Table Read

It’s an adventure story, a horror story – unfortunately all too real, all rolled into one big, global mess. 

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Reviews for Mandalay Hawk’s Dilemma

Kirkus Reviews, in a starred review, called it: “A scathing work and an essential blueprint for youth battling climate change.” 

Publisher Weekly’s BookLife Prize gave it the highest possible rating, 10 out of 10 in its annual fiction contest, named it a quarter finalist in the competition and said the book was “well-written in language easily accessible to middle-grade readers. Aronson is skilled at keeping the action interesting while still introducing enough of the science to explain the protagonists’ concerns and actions.” 

Readers’ Favorite has given Mandalay Hawk’s Dilemma three five-star reviews. Reviewer Natalie Soine wrote: “Mandalay Hawk’s Dilemma: The United States of Anthropocene is a fantastic story that brings to light the effects of climate change and the impact it has on our future.

Peter Aronson does a wonderful job of delivering an important message through the brave actions of one young girl … If every person would read this book and take heed of the warnings, we could save our planet.

All-round a great novel, highly recommended to children and adults. It should be included in the school curriculum in all countries. Well done, Peter Aronson.” 


What Mandalay Hawk calls civil disobedience, a judge calls a crime.

Mandalay and her pals create KRAAP – Kids Revolt Against Adult Power. They study their brains out and ditch social media. They lead a teen deluge to Washington unlike any other, and then there’s rapping in the Oval Office to a captive president. They’re not leaving until they get what they want. 

Find Mandalay Hawk’s Dilemma Now

Available through IngramSpark and Amazon; If requested, a courtesy copy will be provided to librarians, teachers and reviewers/bloggers.

Publisher: Double M Books, Inc. (Published: December 2021)

ISBN for paper: 978-1-7320775-3-9 [226 pages]
ISBN for Ebook: 978-1-7320775-2-2

Retail price: $9.99 (discounted at Ingram)

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Peter Aronson, author [www.peteraronsonbooks.com; peteraronsonbooks@gmail.com]

To read more reviews, to read the first chapter, or to read about my other books (two middle-grade biographies: 1) about America’s first congresswoman and 2) about a famous musician who saved Jews from the Holocaust), please visit my website: www.peteraronsonbooks.com.

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