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On The Table Read, the “Best Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, brother and sister band Juna N Joey introduce themselves and their music.

Hi Juna N Joey, please just start us off by introducing yourselves and for anyone that doesn’t yet know you, try and describe your music and how would you define yourselves as an artist?

Juna: I started doing music at the early age of 3/4 years old doing classical piano and vocals and then later on in life once joey started getting into music we joined each other to form a brother and sister modern country duo around 6 or 7 years ago, which is how I would define ourselves.

Joey: Early on in my life I was very interested in sports. I had no intentions of doing music whatsoever.

Meet The Band Juna N Joey interview on The Table Read

Then one day I went to a lesson that Juna had and found out I could sing and ever since then music has been my passion. I play the guitar, piano, and, the sax. I would describe ourself as modern country.

Having recently released your latest single, ‘’Til Your Heart Breaks’, what can you tell us about this track and where did your inspirations come from when writing this piece?

Juna: Our song Til Your Heart Breaks is about not appreciating a great love and a great relationship you had with someone til you’ve lost them and your hearts broken. When we walked into the write one of the co writers on the song, Doug Lowe was playing a nice melody on the piano and that inspired us to roll with it and write a heart break song but in our own way.

Joey : The song till your heart breaks is one of those country ballads. This song was cowritten up in Nashville and was recorded in Nashville as well. Most of our songs are about stories or things other people experience in their life.

Having said before that heartache is something neither of you have really experienced before, did you find it a difficult challenge writing a song that was about these themes?

Joey: Sometime when writing songs we write about other peoples perspectives and what their going through not just us. Once we had the piano part down, we new this song was gonna be a heartbreak song, and just went from there.

Meet The Band Juna N Joey interview on The Table Read

Juna: Like Joey said, we like to write some songs from other peoples experiences and put ourselves in their shoes, so it wasn’t too difficult to write about something we necessarily haven’t experienced to its fullest extent such as heartbreak.

Would you mind talking about the process in which you guys write your music, is it very much
split 50/50 between the two of you, do you come together with your own pre-thought ideas or do
you come up with ideas whilst working together?

Juna: I have a hook book where I write down all my song titles, or song ideas down so when we go into a writing session, whether that be with joey, or just myself, or with cowriters, I will look through that book and start writing whatever sticks out to me or with whichever idea sticks out to the writers.

Joey: I also have a hook book where I write all of my song titles ideas and things of that nature. It is pretty much split 50/50. When writing songs mostly I come up with the chords and the melody then Juna and I will think of the lyrics and the structure of the song.

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