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On The Table Read, the “Best Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, entrepreneur Dino Miliotis launches new Life Without Limits Magazine, featuring the people behind successful ideas.

Billionaire entrepreneur Dino Miliotis announced today the launch of his online magazine, ‘Life Without Limits.’ The magazine is the latest in his string of successful ventures gaining attention.

Dino Miliotis
Dino Miliotis

“My magazine is such a natural fit for today’s advertiser, reader, and consumer ” explains Miliotis. “It’s never been done before, so when lightning strikes you gotta act fast.”

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Life Without Limits Magazine

Life Without Limits Magazine is scheduled to go live June 1st. The magazine promises to offer a unique perspective to stand out from the thousands of publications available today. “What if you had products, services featured complete with stories behind the remarkable people who made them,” explains Miliotis. “Every product has a story, the spark, the idea, the person behind it…people would have an emotional connection to something like that.”

Miliotis is personally selecting entrepreneurs to feature in his monthly publication, giving each a chance to tell their story, explain their product and make it available for sale through his magazine portal.

“The entrepreneurs I select, the products I offer through the magazine, the connection with the consumer is special” says Miliotis. “Each entrepreneur will participate in ongoing op-ed content ensuring every publication is engaging and unique.”

The magazine is free to consumers and according to Miliotis, featured entrepreneurs enter into a pay-as-you-go advertising schedule, paying a royalty of 20% of the net profit only as products are sold. “But there’s a twist to this marketing plan to make sure that everyone has skin in the game, and pride in the magazine as a whole” he explains. “In addition to their own sales, each will benefit from a percentage of the revenue generated from the entire catalogue…monthly dividends…it’s unheard of!”

Dino Miliotis on The Table Read
Dino Miliotis

Just minutes after his announcement today and a published hotline, calls have been nonstop. “You’ve gotta understand people…I want to speak to everyone personally,” said Miliotis. “This is very special, and I want to make sure it’s a perfect fit with the magazine’s vision

Dino Miliotis

Understanding people has made Miliotis a very wealthy man. For more than 30 years he has been a driving force in business. Using a style that he describes as ‘truly unorthodox by any business standard,’ this college dropout was featured in the pages of Forbes, Entrepreneur and People Magazine. Best known as the inventor of an all-natural insect repelling wristband, Bug-Ban, (infused with citronella and geranium oil) he made a fortune stocking the shelves of retail America.

“Two moments with Bug Ban stick out in my mind,” says Miliotis. “The day I got the call to go on Oprah and the day I smashed QVC’s sales record in 7 minutes flat!” Miliotis didn’t stop there. He was instrumental in taking a fledgling concept, outsourced payroll, turning it into a multi-billion-dollar-a-year empire he reigned over for nearly two decades.

After announcing his retirement in 2020, Miliotis wrote his memoir, ‘There Is No Box,‘ which was published in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. The book sparked a grassroots movement, the mantra, a message of hope. In 2021 he founded Foundation Fundraisers to help raise awareness for causes worldwide and was named CFO of the non-profit Hyer Calling Foundation.

“Everything I’ve done in business is based on understanding people,” he explains. “People aren’t stupid, they buy from who they like, it’s almost never about price, it’s about being genuine and loving them back.”

Find more about Life Without Limits Magazine now:

To contact Life Without Limits Magazine hotline call (910) 599-2854 or email Mr. Miliotis at

Hyer Calling Foundation:

There Is No Box:

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