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On The Table Read, the “Best Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, Sarah Deacon, founder of The Bay Tree, describes the new partnership with Georgina Rees Designs for Mother’s Day.

Sarah Deacon, The Bay Tree, on The Table Read

Written by Sarah Deacon


Sarah (The Bay Tree) and Georgi (Georgina Rees Designs) are two friends and mums of small children living in Alvechurch, Birmingham. 

Sarah Deacon and Georgina Rees The Bay Tree on The Table Read
Sarah Deacon and Georgina Rees

Their friendship began by chance 3 years ago when they were both at the park with their first borns and dogs.  It was actually Georgi’s dog Bess that made the first introductions (as dogs do). 

They both spoke about hoping to meet new friends, moving into a village but actually that the reality was quite different.  They both probably knew the names of all the dogs in the village but hadn’t yet actually made any true friends. 


Now three years on they both have another child each and a true friend for life.  For Sarah this friendship and subsequent others in the village was an absolute lifeline and really the first time she felt fully at home after moving down to Birmingham from Manchester. 

Now the pair collaborate in so many aspects of their lives; they parent together (with both partners working away quite a bit), they workout together, they support each other, they laugh together, they drink wine together and now they work together. 

Sarah Deacon and Georgina Rees The Bay Tree on The Table Read
Sarah Deacon and Georgina Rees

Collaborating For Mother’s Day

They both have a lot of similar interest but their love of creativity has lead them to now work together and produce a beautiful Mother’s Day gift box showcasing their work.  They wanted their first collaboration to be for Mother’s Day to produce something special for other mums/carers out there.

Their friendship and with other mums in the village has made all of their lives as parents so much easier; giving each other advice, supporting each other’s decisions, helping with dog walks and school picks up, and generally looking out for each other and the children.  With many of them not having family living nearby never has the saying been more true ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.

Mother’s Day Gift Boxes

Their friendship has blossomed over the years through their love of laughing, supporting each other with the children and their love of everything creative.  Now they have joined forces using their creativity to produce something extra special for those you love on Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Gift Box by Sarah Deacon and Georgina Rees on The Table Read
Mother’s Day Gift Box

Each gift box costs £25 (p&p included) and includes:

*A framed print of Georgi’s hand drawn mother and baby picture (with or without text)

* Any of The Bay Tree 30cl hand poured soy wax candles OR 10 soy wax melts and a burner

*A jar of 10 matches

All beautifully presented and wrapped up in a brown Kraft box.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Bay-Tree-100698905227846/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/thebaytree52

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