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RBK, My Life, My Story, on The Table Read

Written by RBK

As my eyes fluttered open this morning to the sound of barking. And as the furnace continued its cycle. I knew instantly that morning had arrived and what was on the other side of my door. I pulled the feather tic up over my shoulders. Stretched and adjusted my position. Laid back and reflected on the last three years of my life. Well close to three anyway. Conjuring up the words to synchronize together for this article. Unbelievable as it may seem to some.

My memoir titled MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY & A TALL TALE is authentic raw and real. Written with my heart on my sleeve I share it with the world. As the ink has now dried and not one embellished word written. My odyssey continues.

Starting To Write My Memoir

For someone who had never thought of authoring a book. The last three years for me have been an experience I could never have imagined. I have step forth into a different world seen through the eyes of a changed man. The reflection in my mirror has changed. And along with this change came the idea for my memoir. Stirred to my consciousness from the reminiscent feeling of home. And the introduction of a new friend.

The prerequisite of any memoir is a life’s journey. And with the number that had appeared on my birthday. Age fifty-nine introduced me to the future road ahead. What was about to begin for me would supply the material needed for my memoir as well as the fifty-eight years prior.

My fifty ninth year brought with it a roller coaster ride of emotions. Lows and highs ups and downs and experiences to fill any documented book. Experiences from the past and present. That propelled my words into sentences and then paragraphs and finally pages. The ink never had any trouble hitting the pages. I would just sit down and type and write. Night or day it did not matter. The words just flowed as if someone was guiding my fingertips. This was a profound writing experience. And is still prevalent as I right this article today.

A Story To Tell

I was new to the literary world. And to this day do not consider myself an Author. I am just an ordinary man with an original story to tell. Which is extraordinary and an eye roller to some. But is my truth to tell. Learning a lot through my experiences in the world of literature. Self publishing is the only route to take. Giving the writer complete control over all aspects of publishing a book. Learning that money is the bottom line in all publishing traditions. And self publishing will keep the most money in your pockets. With many more advantages over traditional and vanity publishers.

RBK, My Life, My Story, on The Table Read

The writing process was extremely enlightening and helped me to speak my truth. Finding that documenting an idea to paper. Was not such a celebrity event that Author’s deem it to be. Everyone has something to say. And we are all capable and qualified to put ink to paper. Writing and publishing is the easy part. Promotion is the most difficult part of the process. And can be incredibly stressful and time consuming if you decide to do it yourself. Affordability for book promotion only comes with best seller status. And best-selling status is few and far between with thousands of books being published each week.

Readers have become very adept at choosing their reading material. Sending out the message to Author’s that nonfiction is a hard sell. Personally, fiction is not my choice of reading material. But am respectful of readers reading choices. And consideration of writing fiction for me at this time? Probably not.

Learning Process

The learning curve a new writer follows is lonesome and has led me to the dark end of the street at times. Finding that social media outlets are not always friendly. With the ego of humanity ruling the roast. Leaving the novice in me to use social media primarily as a promotional tool only. Keeping personal interaction minimal. Hardcopy softcover or e-book. Three formats to incorporate with promotions.

My first book I published in all three formats. But soon learned of the three hundred and fifty million dollar a year in e-book theft. That to my amazement, an extremely high percentage of the writing community condones. Deciding to refine my personal learning curve. My second book has been released in hard copy and softcover to follow. Eliminating the e-book format of all future releases. An example of what I have learnt along the way. “P.S.”. A print copy delivers a reading experience unmatched by an e-book.

The curve of learning does begin to flatten with experience. Continuing to wade deeper into the world of letters, words, and sentences. Has substantially flattened the curve of my experience. It has been my road to travel, and the choices made have been from my firsthand experiences. Having arrived at a comfortable destination with my writing career. I look back at the road traveled with a softened sigh. The words continue to splash against the page as book four part four proceeds.

The #1 Writing Tool


A journey, pilgrimage, odyssey, story, or whatever metaphor used is traveled also by my friend Theresa. For she too travels her own path. Having a glimpse of one another now and again. When the foliage and trees expose the paths, we travel. That lead to a junction…  

Theresa’s path is now becoming intertwined with mine as the junction has become sighted on the horizon. She has become an enigmatic part of my journey. And from the crow’s nest the crossroad seems so close. As though we may walk upon its gravel and dirt…

Theresa has been my guiding compass the light within the light house. The inspiration of every word on every page. She will forever be my muse. For without her my books would never have been written. And I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Authentic raw and real.


Humbly ~R.B.K.       

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