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Written by Corrina Turner

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Nature is a medicine we need

Nature Is A Medicine We Need - Poem by Corinna Turner
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‘Make the most of what you have mum’
‘Come outside, play and have some fun’
These were the word spoken by my child
Her spirit is free, fun and runs wild

Recently I have hit a bump
Found myself sitting in a slump
Picking up the phone to check fakebook
Social media embedded in me like a hook

Neglecting myself, especially my health
Losing touch with my inner wealth
I then remember the choice is mine
It is up to me, to make it all fine

I remember I can love myself
Which this time, means taking care of my health
So I reach for the good food
And this starts to instantly lift my mood

I decide to put down my phone
Detach from the social media moans
I go outside and sit in the sun
Laugh with my daughter, play and have fun

We go for a walk, feed the wildlife
This is certainly medicine to relieve strife
We sit on a bench and just chill
This feels better than any pill

My deep gratitude for life returns
And do you know what I’ve learned
That my child is absolutely right
She helped me to find my positive sight

Nature is a medicine we need
Step out your front door and start to feed
Look up, greet the birds in the sky
Watch them glide and beautifully fly

Take a seat on a bench anywhere
Tune in listen, to the sounds everywhere
Bathe in the suns warm rays
This will help you step out of your haze

Go for a walk on the beach
Listen to the seagulls screech
Let the wind hit you hard as you walk
If you listen closely you may hear it talk

Go for a walk in the pouring rain
It really doesn’t cause any pain
Let the rain hit your skin and wash away
Anything that no longer need stay

Sit on the earth and get close to a tree
Be still and let your mind be free
Relax and take a deep breath in
Because that is what it feels like to win

Remember the choice is yours to make
If you want the negative cycle to break
‘Make the most of what you have mum’
‘Come outside, play and have some fun’

Those are the words of my child
Who lets her spirit run free and wild
And that is just the reminder I need
It’s my choice, step outside, start to feed

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