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Cult lo-fi indie band The Pocket Gods start off the new year with a song about having to give up drinking (alcohol) – which seems quite apt as we come into what is being called “Dry January.”


New Single To Raise Awareness Of Alcohol And Drug Issues - Inspired By Eastenders' Star on The Table Read

The song was inspired by frontman Mark Christopher Lee’s battle with booze and mental health issues which came to a head in January 2019 when the singer attempted to take his own life. Luckily he survived and has been “dry” ever since but still finds the temptation hard to resist especially at Christmas.

It is dedicated to all those out there with drink and drug issues – there is help out there and Mark is lucky enough to have former alcoholic and actor John Altman (Eastenders) on call to help if he ever feels like going off the wagon. John and Mark recently recorded an album together called – Never Too Late To Rock & Roll.

Mark asked John about what to do when your mates are pushing you to have an alcoholic drink. John said: “I just tell them If I have another drink it will kill me! It usually shuts them up!”

The Pocket Gods

The Pocket Gods began in 1998 and have released over 70 albums of varying quality and were briefly discovered by the late John Peel. They also hold numerous Guinness World Records including most tracks on a digital album (446), the world’s shortest album (28 secs) and the world’s longest song A Quantum Christmas which is 113 hours long!

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