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Written by Nicki Murphy

Why did I start blogging? 

Hmmm, there’s an interesting question and not one I’m sure I can fully answer. I’ve always been an avid reader and having joined Facebook about 10 years ago saw posts on there asking for advanced readers. I contacted one and the rest as they say is history. Perhaps I wanted to do that little bit more than just read- something to keep my brain active as I had recently retired- early I hasten to add!

At the time I began a Facebook blog which I still have ( and kept this until I was seeing that Facebook blogs “ weren’t the real thing” so began my “ proper” one in 2017; 

Nicki's Book Blog on The Table Read
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I read about 200+ books a year on average. I post to both blogs, Amazon and several Facebook pages as standard to reach a wide audience. 

Why read?

For me this had always been an escape ever since I was a child. Around the time I began blogging I had a lot going on mentally and reading was my saviour as it took me away to another place so I couldn’t focus on the things my mind wanted to.

At times this was really hard but the pages kept me focused on something else and before I knew it I was engrossed. I wanted to give something back to the authors as their books had done so much for me, and the blog came from this. I have also learnt much from reading- from general facts to more in depth knowledge and things I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I have also joined a wonderful online community- who knew that there are groups where (fictional) murder can be discussed legally! 


I began with reading allsorts in a bid to widen my horizons- and it worked. I’d never read some genres but was curious and then found which I preferred by doing this. Even now I push my boundaries and have found a real pleasure in some genres that I may not have previously considered.

My top ones (but not exclusive) are: Psychological thrillers, Crime, modern history (ww1/ww2). The only genres I won’t touch are out and out romance, Horror and fantasy and anything too extreme. I read mainly fiction but the occasional factual book as well. I enjoy a good solid plot line and one that keeps me thinking so nothing too predictable. Hence crime and psychological fiction are good genres for me.


I have read so many, but have a few that I read every book of as I enjoy their writing style . The same with some publishers- I don’t read every book they publish but am loyal to certain ones and through their blog tour organisers do many of their books.

Nicki's Book Blog on The Table Read
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Too many to choose from? How to choose? Selective?

Yes yes and yes again! I have to be strict with myself and limit what I say yes to, taking all of the above into consideration. I limit myself to 3 blog stops per week as each one takes a while to prepare and then more time on the day of posting – however when it comes round it comes to publishing that is more likely to be 4, 5 or more in a week, depending how far ahead I am with reading at the time.

There are thousands of titles as we all know and appreciate. I like to support where I can but also want to have that enjoyment as there are only so many hours in the day sadly. I do lots of other things from running to volunteering for a hens rescue organisation (fresh start for hens) where I do a lot of the admin as well as other hen tasks.

Funnily enough I’m not known to be a “sitting down” type of person so needing to relax (and being told to by health professionals), reading helped me along with this and yes, it has worked. 

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The Thrill!

I am so humbled when I see a quote from my review used in an ad for a book or on a website/amazon etc. I never thought this could happen to me. It gives me a thrill each and every time and also when I get responses from an author on things like twitter (@nickisbookblog) it is most encouraging and brings a smile. Through blogging I have met (some even in real life!) some wonderful people who I am now honoured to call friends.

When I get asked to review by someone new be it an author or blog tour organiser again it brings a smile and that little bit of reinforcement that I am doing something to help others which I enjoy. 

Nicki’s Book Blog

My blog strapline is “ The books I read reviewed with honesty. I read many genres and these are my thoughts on each book. Pure and simple”  which I try to adhere to every time. Pure and simple as in nothing complex and not pages and pages- I like a review (of anything) to be enough to get a good idea but not too much to bore the pants off me! My reviews are honest and will always be positive. If I don’t like something I may say it in a positive way as I feel negativity never gets anyone anywhere so constructive criticism, and besides I do appreciate the blood, sweat and tears, time, effort and money that has been spent to get a book to this point. Who am I to take anything away from it? 

I’m always happy to hear from authors and will help where I can. The book blurb, a little more about it and about them is always helpful to ensure I’m going to be reading the right thing and that the review will be helpful. 

I’m currently reading a fictional book “written” by a dog. I’ve just finished a psychological thriller and there’s another one I’m about to start (I only read one book at once!)

Thank you for reading and thank you for asking.

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