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Radical Art that is Shifting Consciousness

Art for Om, LA’s newest art-house and full spectrum design studio, announces the opening of its online gallery to showcase original works from avant-garde, classically trained and traditional artists from all over the world. The studio works closely with artisans to create one of a kind pieces that tell a story of their culture and present a worldly aesthetic.  


Once a secret to the stars, with clients such as Madonna, Art for Om is now offering their services to the public.

Art For Om

The gallery founders, Julian Prolman and Aislyn Perez launched Art for Om with an intention to elevate fine art into its next evolutionary phase of a full 5th dimensional extra sensory experience.

Fusing ancient methods of Feng Shui, ritual practice and spirituality, Art for Om invokes the ultimate art experience. 

“Combining ancestral knowledge, ritual practices, and fundamentals of spatial design, we create to awaken the 5 senses and evoke the 6th– spirit.” said co-founder Aislyn Perez.

Pop-up exhibitions will be held at out-of-the-ordinary venues. Interested invitees can sign up to be on the guest list via their website

About Founder, Julian Prolman

Julian Prolman is a social-entrepreneur from San Francisco and of Moroccan heritage.

From an early age, Julian has been involved in various aspects of the music industry from creative to concert production. Julian studied fine art and fashion along with marketing and communications in London. In 2012 Julian established Eco Fashion House, Ministry of Tomorrow, with the company’s flagship, luxury, vegan bag and accessory factory located in Nairobi, Kenya. Julian is also a fine art artist who was discovered by Madonna where his multidisciplinary works are in galleries around the globe. 

About Co-founder, Aislyn Perez

Aislyn Perez is an artist, entrepreneur and spiritual practitioner of Native American and Filipino heritage recognized for her ability to integrate the aesthetics and principles of spiritualty within the context of interior design. 

She has formed a new genre of spatial art which integrates the traditional environmental aspect of 3-dimensional design fused with 5thdimensional philosophies of frequency and transcendence. 

Her spaces are carefully curated to stimulate the attention of all 5 senses and conjure the essence of the 6th, spirit. Through an exploration of materiality, color, form, culture and ritual practice, she curates sanctuary into space.

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