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Written by Sarah Wood

“Pretending” – Sarah Wood

Pretending poem by Sarah Wood on The Table Read
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I wanna be a tiger
I wanna be a fish
I wanna be a gecko
That one’s my biggest wish

I’ll climb up big tall buildings
I’ll flick out my long tongue
I’ll be a giant lizard
And I’ll do it while I’m young

Cos growing up looks boring
With lots of bills to pay
And stress and work and all that stuff
But I just want to play

If I become a lizard
Before I get too old
I’ll hunt bugs with big huge eyes,
Won’t do what I am told.

Never take a bath again
Never go to school
Explore and play all day long
That would be so cool…

But lizards don’t eat sweets that much
Can’t go on holidays.
And adults can do fun stuff too…
Getting old might be okay.

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Sarah Wood is a children’s poet and feminist activist.


Children’s Poetry Book: Colour And Rhyme


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