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On The Table Read, the “Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, check out the most exciting movies being released this Spring!

With Morbius and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 due to be released on the 1st April 2022 — many of us will be returning to the cinema for spring blockbusters — but which movie are we most excited to go and see this season?

Experts at sought to discover which 2022 spring movie ranks highest on the “excitement scale” globally. To achieve this, Google Trends data was analysed to gather the average search interest over the last 12 months for each of the top movies being released this spring. This was then analysed to calculate the “excitement scale” for each movie*.

Top Ten Most Exciting Movies Of This Spring

RankMovieRelease  DateExcitement Scale (how many times higher than the average movie’s Google Trends score)
1Top Gun: Maverick27/05/223.59
2Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre17/03/223.12
3Downton Abbey: A New Era29/04/222.03
4Sonic the Hedgehog 201/04/221.70
7The Batman04/03/221.22
9Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore08/04/221.15
10The Lost City15/04/220.83

In the top spot for the movie people are most excited for in spring 2022 is Top Gun: Maverick with an excitement scale score of 3.59. The original 1986 Top Gun release received high critical acclaim and with Tom Cruise being the face of the 2022 reboot — it is clear that fans cannot wait to see this updated thriller.

Most Exciting Movies This Spring on The Table Read
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In second place is Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre with an excitement scale score of 3.12. Operation Fortune is a new spy movie with Jason Stathum as the lead. With almost 30 million Instagram followers, Statham is loved by fans globally and it is no surprise that many of them will be flocking to the cinema to watch his newest action-packed release.

Third place is Downton Abbey: A New Era with an excitement score of 2.03. Downton Abbey was a much-loved historical drama series that aired for six seasons between 2010 and 2015. Fans will be delighted to see the show back and on the big screen for the second time since 2015, with A New Era following on from its 2019 predecessor.

Following is Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1.70 excitement score), Men (1.42 excitement score) and Morbius (1.40 excitement score), respectively ranking fourth, fifth and sixth.


1. Experts at sought to discover which new movie release in spring 2022 people are most excited for.

2. To do this, a seed list of the top 100 most popular movies in 2022 according to IMDb was collected and the movies released between March and May (22 movies) were analyzed for this study. 

3. From this, in-house experts found a Google Trends average search interest over the past year for each of these movies.

4. An average was then created from all of the Google Trends data. *From this, each spring movie was ranked on an ‘excitement scale’ by determining how many times below or above the average each movie’s score was. This resulted in a global ranking of the movies people have been most excited for in spring 2022 and the ranking providing the context of comparison to the average Google Trends score.

5. Data is correct as of 22/02/22 and is subject to change.

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