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Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed podcaster Jonathan Wilson about what inspired him to make his podcast, Redefining Family, the creative process that goes into it, and what he hopes to achieve through podcasting.

Jonathan Wilson, Redefining Family Podcast, Interview on The Table Read
Jonathan Wilson

Tell me a bit about who you are.

I consider myself to be a Value Creation professional focused on organic and inorganic value creation for start-up, fintech, and more traditional organizations. 

For 22 years, I have worked with Fortune 500 companies developing and executing both inorganic growth initiatives (M&A – acquisitions and divestitures) and organic growth, partnering with division-level and corporate-level client executives within trailblazing organizations.

I currently run my own company, Dubb Value Creation, where we partner with organizations of all sizes to consult and help with strategy, operations, as well as investor readiness for mergers and acquisitions. 

In addition to running Dubb Value Creation, I serve as Chair of the Social Justice Task Force for the City of West Hollywood, President of the UCLA Anderson Black Alumni association, and Vice-Chair of the Programs Committee for the Los Angeles Urban League.

How and why did you start podcasting?

Unfortunately, insults from family are all too familiar for many LGBTQ+ individuals. This is the primary reason why I decided to distinguish blood relatives from family members. Most people want to protect their families even if the protection isn’t reciprocated.

A sibling who does not know you, love you or support you may be the equivalent of a fifth cousin. What do they both have in common? It’s only the fact that they are both different versions of blood relatives. 

We, as a society, empower people to insult and abuse us by giving them the simple title of “family.”

I became tired of commiserating with friends and hearing other LGBTQ+ stories.  This needs to stop.

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What is your current podcast called, and how did you come up with the name?

“Redefining Family” – It’s not enough to use the term “Chosen Family” because then you still have the term “family” associated with people that have abused you.  It’s time to popularize and bring back the phrase “blood relative.”

What platforms can we find Redefining Family on?

Available on most podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.  

Jonathan Wilson, Redefining Family Podcast, Interview on The Table Read
Redefining Family

What is Redefining Family about?

LGBTQ+ Family Abuse

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Do you host Redefining Family alone, or have guest hosts/partners?

Host Alone and have guests that I interview

Do you edit Redefining Family or have someone who does it for you?

No. Have editor.

Do you script Redefining Family, or just chat as you go?

Script my monologue and have questions.  However, I ask dynamic questions and go where the guest leads me.

How has Redefining Family changed or developed since you began?

I’m in the middle of bringing back new episodes.  It can be emotionally exhausting.

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What are you biggest challenges with Redefining Family?

Scheduling guests. Not necessarily finding the guests, but scheduling.

What are your favourite podcasts to listen to?

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How and where do you promote Redefining Family?

Word of Mouth. Facebook and Instagram

Do you earn money from podcasting, or is it a hobby?

Jonathan Wilson, Redefining Family Podcast, Interview on The Table Read
Redefining Family


What’s something you never expected about podcasting? What have you learned that surprised you?

It’s a different level of vulnerability.  I also realized that I’m always realizing new minor things that I want to tweak and hate listening to myself because of that.

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What is the first piece of advice you would give to anyone inspired to start podcasting?

Record as many as you can upfront before you launch.

And, finally, are your proud of what you’re accomplishing with your podcast? Is it worth the effort?

I’m loving it.

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