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On The Table Read, “The Best Book Reader Magazine in the UK“, author and hypnotherapist Janet Philbin shares the work that went into her new self help book, Show Up For Yourself.

Written by Janet Philbin

The idea for my book was inspired 5 years prior to my book being published. I was away at a meditation retreat when the big idea came to me during a meditation. Each morning before class began I intentionally set aside time to meditate privately.

The Spiral Of Healing

One morning, during meditation, I received a download of a framework for healing which I now call The Spiral of Healing. During meditation that morning the message I received was about how we heal, that healing is an inside out process that we travel.

Janet Philbin, author of Show Up For Yourself- A Guide to Inner Growth and Awareness, on The Table Read
Janet Philbin, author of Show Up For Yourself- A Guide to Inner Growth and Awareness

We travel this Spiral internally as we rise up through the different layers. The layers of healing I received during meditation that morning are Feel, Heal, Grow and Love. At this point I had already been a clinical social worker for almost 20 years and a certified hypnotherapist and master level energy healer for about 18 years. I had already been working with my clients to help them heal the wounds of their past, traumas and their inner child.

When I received these messages about the Spiral of Healing I was not sure what to do with them, but one thing I did know was that it would become a book one day. I held space for the book to emerge through and from me. Over the next five years I continued to write and do my own internal healing work.

Show Up For Yourself- A Guide to Inner Growth and Awareness

The book that emerged is called, Show Up For Yourself- A Guide to Inner Growth and Awareness. This book is a book of my own journey to heal my inner child and a book to help the reader on their journey to heal their emotional wounds.

The book is not so much a self-help book but a self-growth book. As you read it you go on your own journey inward to rise up on the spiral. Journal prompts are offered along the way to help the reader deconstruct their pain and what has held them back. This book is full of strategies to help the reader transform and learn to love themself.

Once I sat down to begin to write the book I was able to write the first four chapters on my own, but then I got stuck. I realized I actually did not know how to write an entire book. I am not one who is afraid to ask for help, so that is just what I did. I found a book coach, she helped me finish writing the book in 6 weeks. The book went through the editing process, which took a few months.

Janet Philbin, author of Show Up For Yourself- A Guide to Inner Growth and Awareness, on The Table Read

My book is published as a self-published book through a small and amazing publishing house called Finn-Phyllis Press.

Find more from Janet Philbin:

Janet is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Conscious Parenting Coach. Janet helps adults heal from the emotional pain and trauma of their past.

She is the owner of Janet Philbin, ACSW a private psychotherapy and hypnotherapy practice. For 21 years Janet has been successfully helping people recover from their emotional wounds and change their lives with the power of transformational healing and hypnotherapy. 

She’s the author of, Show Up For Yourself: A Guide to Inner Awareness and Growth. Her book offers readers a framework to heal their emotional wounds and become emotionally whole once again. Show Up For Yourself hit Amazon’s best seller status and won as a finalist in the 2020 Readers Favorite book contest. She works closely with Dr. Shefali Tsabary, NY Times best selling author and Oprah’s favorite parenting expert, as an ambassador in her Conscious Parenting Coaching Method Institute.

Janet has been interviewed on Ticker News TV. Her work has been published in Brainz Magazine and The Elephant Journal. She has been featured on multiple podcasts including, but not limited to: The Parenting in the Thick of it Show, Healin Podcast, Powerful Parenting for Today’s Kids and Happier by the Minute.

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