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Reports have announced that the upcoming Spiderman: No Way Home film is set to make over $200 million (£151 million) and break box-office records for its opening weekend.

But which of the actors has so far seen the biggest pay check for their role as Spiderman? Thanks to the team at SlotsUp, they’ve crunched the numbers to reveal which of the Spiderman stars were the most expensive to cast, and which films cost the most to make.

Looking at the production budget of each of the stars’ films along with their earnings for each film, SlotsUp worked out which actors work as the web-slinging hero racked up the highest bills.

ActorAvg Worldwide GrossAvg Budget Per FilmAvg Salary Per FilmTotal Avg Cost Per Film
Tobey Maguire£632,800,899£150,435,045£9,197,452£159,632,497
Andrew Garfield £572,930,936£158,750,550$750,000£159,317,516
Tom Holland£760,218,365£126,622,462£566,966£128,701,338

Source: Slotsup.com

Spiderman Actor Pay

In first place as the most expensive Spider-man was Tobey Maguire, with the average budget for one of his films costing £150 million, and his average salary per film amounting to over £9 million.

Tobey, who played Spiderman from 2002-2007, stole the hearts of the nation and even became the highest-rated actor to play Spiderman on IMDb, with a rating of 7.3. Tobey’s highest-paying film was, of course, Spider-man 2, with earnings of £13.2 million.

Reports also revealed that at the peak of his career as Spiderman, he was also one of the highest-paid actors in the world, and in 2021 he now has a net worth of around £56.6 million.

In second place was Andrew Garfield, with a combined average budget and salary of £159 million. Andrew was also the lowest paid actor of the films, with total earnings for him amounting to only £1.1 million.

Coming in last place is Tom Holland, with combined average costs of £128 million. With the upcoming Spiderman release already smashing pre-sale ticket records, this could soon be set to change as he may see a hefty pay packet come if his salaries are decided against the film’s success. Tom Holland also takes top spot for having the best-performing Spider-Man movie, with Spider-Man: Far From Home being the only film in the franchise to earn over $1 billion (£850 million).

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