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Written by JJ Barnes

On November 15th 2021, the Slater’s Bar in Stafford, Staffordshire will host local artist Peter Penwith.

On The Table Read. Staffordshire Bar Slater's To Host Local Artist Peter Penwith In Exclusive Exhibition.


Slater’s Brewery was established 26 years ago, and their brewery is a long established feature in the town of Stafford.

By welcoming local artists in to display their work, management hopes to offer a platform to celebrate art and the work of Staffordshire locals. On November 15th they will be hosting local actor, poet and artist Peter Penwith.

The exhibition will be free to enter, and Slater’s Brewery drinks will be available to buy from behind the bar.

Peter Penwith

Peter Penwith is famed for his use of watercolours on wood panel, instead of the standard white surface.

“I use the natural untreated wood allowing the grain to show through and influence the composition. In this way every piece is a unique, even unpredictable result.” – Peter Penwith.

The exhibition will show a selection of framed and unframed pieces. Peter Penwith is available to commission, and specialises in building and landscape art. All his contact information will be available in Slater’s bar from 12 noon to closing on November 15th.

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