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Author & Co founder Abigail Horne releases War Teddies poem to support refugee children from Ukraine, on The Table Read, “The Best Celebrity Magazine in the UK.

Like many of us, 35 year old mum-of-three, Abigail Horne, from Stoke, didn’t know what to do when the war broke out in Ukraine; she donated money and items, but also decided to put pen to paper… and now her ‘War Teddies’ poem has been translated into Ukrainian and is being sent with teddies to children fleeing the warzone.

Abigail Horne, War Teddies Poem for Children in Ukraine, on The Table Read
Abigail Horne

Abigail is a multiple best-selling author and Founder of Authors&Co https://authorsandco.pub/, offering partnership publishing and for Abi, writing is often a go-to route when she is trying to process thoughts and emotions.

Inspired To Help

Abigail said; “Every time I was watching the news and seeing a child in Ukraine holding a bear or soft toy, my heart ached knowing which bears my own children would choose, should we ever have to flee our homes. Every little person crossing a border, sleeping in an underground shelter or trying to survive this war, is holding and hugging their special teddies… so, I wrote a poem for them, in the words of their bears.” 

To ensure all children feel loved and have a companion, there has been a flurry of designation ‘bear drop off points’ popping up all across the UK to ensure all children fleeing the warzone get given a teddy or soft toy.  Many people leaving Ukraine had to do so quickly, bringing only what they could carry – this meant children could only maybe take one toy or teddy and others may have had to leave their own teddies behind.

War Teddies

Spanner Monkeys Garage in Newcastle is a one of many designated ‘bear drop off point’ in the UK and when they saw Abigail’s poem, they decided to attach a version in Ukrainian to every teddy’s arm; on their Facebook page they said; 

“We need to get the bear distribution stations at the border reception centres fully stocked so that each child passing through, gets a new friend to cuddle. On each teddy bear we will attach a copy of Abigail Horne’s poem ‘War Teddies’ in Ukrainian. Thank you Catherine Heaton for inspiring this project.”

Abigail said; “When I found out that ‘War Teddies’ had been translated into Ukrainian, and being attached to donated teddy bears so that Ukrainian children can have a best friend by their side, I was overwhelmed with emotion – to know my words may give even a slight bit of comfort to these children and their mothers, is more than my mind can comprehend, but I’m so grateful and hope it helps all feel loved.”

The first shipment of teddy bears with the poem is due to go to the borders via Poland on Saturday 19th March. 

Poem For Ukrainian Children

Abigail’s poem has now been shared by thousands on social media platforms, this poem will not hopefully bring comfort to Ukrainian children receiving a teddy bear, but can also be read by parents across the world to their own children, to help them understand and digest what is happening in the world and what they are seeing on the news.

War Teddies by Abigail Horne

We’re going on an adventure today,
So wrap up warm; let’s not delay.
I’ve heard it may be cold outside,
But it won’t be long ‘til we’re back inside.

We’re going on an adventure today,
So let’s pretend it’s a holiday.
Sleeping on your blow-up bed,
I’ll be with you, your best friend, Ted.

Abigail Horne, War Teddies Poem for Children in Ukraine, on The Table Read

We’re going on an adventure today,
I promise we’ll get a chance to play.
Other children will be there too,
They have their bears, and I have you.

We’re going on an adventure today,
But for how long, no one can say.
If you hear loud voices or a bang,
Just remember, I’ve got your hand.

We’re going on an adventure today,
We may be travelling far away.
I promise I’ll keep you safe and snug,
Just squeeze me tight if you need a hug.

We’re going on an adventure today,
Let’s not spilt up along the way.
Thankfully we can stay with mum,
And soon enough, ada will come.

We’re going on an adventure today,
And everything’s going to be ok.
From the day you ripped away my tag,
I became your friend, through good and bad.

We’re going on an adventure today,
It’s time to go now; we cannot stay.
And one day you’ll say that you were there,
In the heart of Ukraine, with me, your teddy bear.

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Spanner Monkeys Garage Facebook Group – designation bear drop off point – https://www.facebook.com/Spanner.Monkeyss 

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