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On The Table Read, “The Best Book Reader Magazine in the UK“, David Yarrow shares his new book, How I Make Photographs.

David Yarrow’s How I Make Photographs is a thorough masterclass in the art of creating artistic images with soul, depth and emotion. 

Striking Photography Book By David Yarrow Offers A Masterclass Into Photography on The Table Read

How I Make Photographs

Yarrow details the path that led him to photography, and the skills and values he learnt along the way that made him one of the foremost British fine-art photographers.

From a serendipitous photograph of Maradona at the 1986 FIFA World Cup Final in Mexico as a university student, to a career in banking in the 90’s before the fateful financial crash, Yarrow embarked on an escapist journey, photographing remote landscapes that sparked his passion for wildlife photography.

David Yarrow’s masterclass is a philosophical approach to photography, highlighting the important role of the person behind the camera, using the camera as a conduit for lived experiences and knowledge.

With 82 bold illustrations of Yarrow’s work, and 20 chapters dedicated to invaluable advice for aspiring photographers, including guides to composition and perspective, tips on using remote cameras and dealing with dangerous animals, How I Make Photographs condenses years of experience and knowledge from a master photographer.

About David Yarrow

Renowned photographer David Yarrow has managed to capture some of the most memorable images of the planet’s endangered species in their natural habitats. His work has also made a hugely important contribution to the animal conservation movement.

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