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Emanuel & Me is a story about the magic of letting go, trust, and integration, by Jacqueline Turner and her spirit guide Emanuel, on The Table Read, “The Best entertainment magazine in the UK“.

Jacqueline Turner, author of Emanuel & Me Spirit Guide Book, interview on The Table Read
Jacqueline Turner

Available to pre-order from all good bookshops is the beautifully magical conversation between spiritual medium and intuitive healer Jacqueline (Jac) Turner, and her spirit guide Emanuel. 

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Scottish born, raised in Glasgow, Jac Turner has never been a stranger to spiritualism. Her grandmother and sisters were spiritual; and in Jac’s teens she would regularly see spirits and feel them trying to connect with her. In her 20s, Jac trained as a beauty therapist, a career that she loved, which then led her on a journey of connecting with other therapists and exploring holistic and esoteric therapies, such as Reiki and Crystal Healing.

Throughout the journey of this book, Jac explores her communication with her spirit guide Emanuel through the practice of Spirit Writing and shares his teachings with the reader. Emanuel’s story illustrates how the soul lives on for multiple lifetimes, going back to his history as a Roman in 120 AD, while his wisdom and the lessons of trust, self-belief, and surrender are timeless. 

Jac also explores her own past life and connection to Emanuel, and she discovers how the soul preserves all the lessons from past lives. Ultimately, this is a story about the magic of letting go, trusting that Spirit has a plan for you now in this lifetime, and how to integrate this into your daily life. 

Emanuel And Me

Jacqueline Turner, author of Emanuel & Me Spirit Guide Book, interview on The Table Read

Emanuel & Me is for those curious about their own connection to spirit, past lives and the path of spiritual awakening. The reader will explore Emanuel’s timeless wisdom for inner light, knowledge, and self-discovery. Together Jac and the reader will study the different stages of spiritual awakening and spiritual laws and discover an entire universe of methods that guide the reader in connecting with their own spirit guides. 

Emanuel, means ‘God is with us.’ 

May it bring comfort and clarity to soothe your soul.

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About Jacqueline Turner

“I once would have never imagined it possible to receive information directly from Spirit”, says Jac, “But with loving messages channelled from Emanuel and gladly received with love, I discovered my purpose: sharing guidance and infinite words of wisdom that have travelled through thousands of years and still resonate with us today.”

Jac is a spiritual medium, Reiki Master, and lightworker. She is trained in Angel Healing and Crystal Healing. She has helped hundreds of people connect with their loved ones in spirit through her one-to-one reading sessions. Furthermore, in recent years she found her way to the Spiritualist Church where she was introduced to mediumship for self-acceptance, growth and spiritual development.

Glaswegian Jac Turner is a Soul Plan practitioner and spiritual medium, whose journey began as a beauty therapist. She later took the path of the light worker, connecting with other therapists and training as a practitioner for Angel Healing, Crystal Healing and becoming a Reiki Master. She also specialises as a Soul Plan practitioner, bringing about powerful healing and transformation through her workshops and coaching.

Since developing her skills as a medium through her local spiritualist centre, she has supported hundreds of people to connect with their loved ones in spirit through her one-to-one reading sessions. 

Emanuel & Me is her first book, which explores communication with her spirit guide Emanuel. 

Jacqueline now lives in the Northeast of Scotland, with her husband and three children.

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That Guy’s House is a forward-thinking and innovative wellness company and publisher of self-help and spiritual books that share strong, inspirational messages. We work hard every day to give the world a voice so that people can share their stories – authentically and honestly – because we truly believe that there is life-changing power in inspirational books.  

In the true spirit of self-help, for every author signed, book deals are also offered to those in less privileged situations so that their families, charities or not-for-profit organisations can benefit. Quite simply, we are here to inspire humanity, both on and off paper.

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