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Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed Regan Foy about The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast, what it’s about, and what of the podcast is.

Tell me a bit about who you are.

I’m Regan, and I’m a Digital Content Executive at ClickThrough Marketing, a Digital Marketing agency based in Lichfield. My job is to help our clients to enhance their content and content strategy in order to improve organic web performance.

I’ve used my own experience in podcasting to direct and produce a podcast for ClickThrough, offering an easy route into learning about various forms of Digital Marketing, but also a light reprieve from much of the heavy information-laded marketing podcasts already out there.

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The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast with Regan Foy, podcaster interview on The Table Read

How and why did you start podcasting?

From a personal perspective, I started podcasting about four years ago for a blog collective that I founded, covering the football team that I support.

In regards to this podcast, I wanted ClickThrough to become a strong voice in the marketing podcast world, but take a lighter approach with how we talk about things. As a Digital Marketing agency, we know that podcasts can act as a powerful marketing tool – and that’s something we want to case study with our own, before we can offer podcast production as a potential service to current and future clients.

What is your current podcast called, and how did you come up with the name?

The podcast is called The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast, and we actually went to a number of our staff members for suggestions. This was suggested, and we thought it just fit the bill perfectly. There’s a plethora of areas to discuss in Digital Marketing, hence ‘assorted’, and our hosts can balance being serious and a bit random, or can ramble a bit too – it was the perfect name!

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What platforms can we find The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast on?

You can find the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music, as well as by just asking a home assistant like Alexa or Google Home to play it.

What is The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast about?

The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast is about an assortment of different areas within Digital Marketing and marketing agency life. There are so many deliverables in our world, from Pay Per Click, Paid Social, Content, Search Engine Optimisation, International Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation and more.

We discuss all of it, using the expert knowledge of members of the team to discuss past happenings and historic ways of working, current news and trends, and a whole lot of discussion about what life is actually like working in this sector/industry. It’s an easy-to-digest way to improve your knowledge, but also have a bit of fun too!

Do you hos The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast alone, or have guest hosts/partners?

I personally don’t host at all! We have our two regular hosts, Chris, our managing director at ClickThrough and Olivia, one of our paid social executives. They have perfect personalities for podcasting and bounce off each other really well.

We have a guest each episode from within our ranks to share their expertise and experiences, but there’s scope for external guests in the future too.

Do you edit The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast or have someone who does it for you?

The podcast is edited by a freelancer! I do have some editing skills, but we want to be as professional as possible so we have someone to do it for us.

The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast with Regan Foy, podcaster interview on The Table Read
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Do you script The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast, or just chat as you go?

I produce guidelines for our hosts to use, just key subject matters to discuss and questions to get answered by our experts. A lot of it is freestyle chat between our hosts and guest, but having a little structure mixed into that works really well, we find.

How has The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast changed or developed since you began?

We’re still in the early stages, so we’re constantly learning and improving as we go – and that’s the best way to be. There’s never going to be a 10/10 podcast episode, so we can always continue to grow – be that myself as a producer/director, our hosts and their confidence and how comfortable they are, or things that we discuss.

What are you biggest challenges with The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast?

Due to the pandemic, our hosts aren’t in the same room. So many podcasts right now are part of this whole Zoom generation, and we’re one of them. Our two hosts are based in their respective homes, while the guests go into our office and use what we like to call the ‘hot mic’.

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What are your favourite podcasts to listen to?

From a personal perspective, I’m a really big fan of a podcast called ‘Werewolf Ambulance’, where the two hosts discuss and review horror films from days gone by, as well as new releases.

Our hosts are fans of ‘Parenting Hell’ with Josh Widdicome and Rob Beckett and ‘Shagged, Married, Annoyed’ by Chris and Rosie Ramsey. The stories in there are pure gold dust and they make you feel better, which is exactly what podcasts should do!

How and where do you promote The Assorted Digital Ramblings Podcast?

We promote our podcast on social media and the company website mainly. We produce an accompanying blog post alongside the podcast’s release, as well as visually transcribed audio snippets to share across LinkedIn, Twitter and so forth. We’re also exploring different promotional methods!

Do you earn money from podcasting, or is it a hobby?

We don’t earn money from podcasting, but we do gain a lot of information to use moving forward. We want to be able to offer podcasts as a service for our clients, from conception to production, and want to take learnings we make from doing The Assorted Digital Ramblings podcast into making the best possible podcasts for businesses who have stories to tell and thoughts to share.

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What’s something you never expected about podcasting? What have you learned that surprised you?

How international an audience can be. Any podcast I’ve worked on has had no trouble in crossing borders and picking up listens from across the world – and that’s an exceptional thing to be able to do.

What is the first piece of advice you would give to anyone inspired to start podcasting?

Grab a decent microphone, think about what you want to do with your podcast, and get started. Don’t worry about mistakes or anything like that, it’s all part of the process and you’ll be surprised at how therapeutic recording a podcast can be.

And, finally, are your proud of what you’re accomplishing with your podcast? Is it worth the effort?

Definitely proud! As we’ve already mentioned, Digital Marketing and all of the areas within it can be a heavy subject matter. Making it easy to digest and learn – that’s something to be proud of.

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